Must Know Headlines


The Limbaugh Response To The Defensive WSJ Editorial On The House GOP

New FCC Regulations Highlight How Stupid Liberals Think We All Are

Terror Suspect Found Guilty Of Conspiring Against US,
Tried To Help Al-Qaida

Hitler Admired In PLO Youth Magazine Because He Murdered Jews

Politifact Lie Of The Year: “Republicans Voted To End Medicare”


The Destruction of Medical Innovation

Medicare Cuts Could Hit 650,000 Doctors Jan. 18

Obamacare’s Lousy, No-Good Year

Barack Obama

Obama’s Job-Killing Machine Rolls On

Obama Makes Ex-Planned Parenthood Board Member Appeals Judge

Obama In Surge To Enlist Veterans’ Votes For ’12


Bureau Of Labor Statistics Gave Insider Information To Democrat Governor

Sheila Jackson Lee: Obama Should Use Executive Order
To Extend Payroll Tax Cut/Unemployment

Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Menu Forces Kids To Find Back-Alley Meals

Biden Says Taliban Is Not Our Enemy

After Biden Says Taliban Is Not America’s Enemy,
Taliban Lashes Out At U.S. ‘Occupation’ Of Iraq

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC, ABC Knock GOP For ‘Messing Up’ Payroll Tax Cut: ‘Holiday Cheer Gone Sour’

Wolf Blitzer: Failure To Extend Payroll Tax Cut Would
Be ‘Great Ammunition’ For Democrats To Use

The Times Trashes Truth-Tellers

After Her Fart On The View…….

Whoopi Goldberg Says About Communism: ‘On Paper It Makes Perfect Sense’

NBC Reporter Arrested For Drunk Driving After
‘Attending Football Party At Sandusky’s Lawyer’s House’

Bill Clinton To O’Reilly: Yes, The Press Favored Obama In 2008


Pelosi Gives a Shout-Out To Occupy Wall Street: “Republicans Working
On Behalf of Tea Party Fringe And The 1%”

O.W.S. Activist: ‘Police Rank And File Are Professional Class Traitors’
But We Should Attempt To Use Them Against the ‘1%ers’

Frances Fox Piven: Occupy Movement Must
Bring About “Upheaval of Historic Dimensions”


Raising Money For “Lady Al-Qaida”


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