Must Know Headlines


Democrats Waging War Against Laws That ‘Target’ Illegal Immigrants

DHS’ New Excuse For No Border Fence: It Threatens Wildlife

From $2,000 Dress To $1,000 Skirt,
Michelle Obama’s Lavish Hawaii Wardrobe Revealed

Ann Coulter: Only One Candidate Is
Right On The Two Most Important Issues

Newt Gingrich Details Illegal Immigration Plan And How
To Handle Those Already In Our Country

Outrageous… Hillary Clinton Tells Syrian Freedom Protesters
To Lay Down Their Weapons

The DC’s Top Ten Stories Of 2011

Congress Once Again Is About To Expand The Ability Of Federal
Bureaucrats To Censor The Internet

Barack Obama

Obama Golfs For 91st Time As President!
Same Media Who Destroyed Bush For Golf Is Silent

Obama’s Drone Hypocrisy

Report: Radical Sheikh A Key Mediator In U.S.-Taliban Talks

Ron Paul

Bolton: If You’re Thinking About Ron Paul, Think Again!

Why The Ron Paul Newsletters Actually Are Important

Ron Paul’s War On Israel

Ron Paul’s Unlearned Lessons From Vietnam, Part 1:
Trading With The Enemy


Occupy Protesters Arrested Outside Romney Iowa Campaign Office

Occupy DC: Crime In The City Has Increased Since The Occupiers Arrived 3 Months Ago

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Matters Remains Delusional About Operation Fast And Furious

The Lib Media’s Top 10 Economic Myths Of 2011

WaPo Promotes Muslim Comedians Fighting
America’s ‘Fringe’ Of ‘Extreme Haters’

Ed Schultz: Tea Partiers Are ‘Sewer Rats’

‘Worst Piece’ Of NYT Climate Reporting Ever?
Justin Gillis’s Christmas Day Snow Job

NBC Touts Outdated Poll Showing Obama Approval Up,
Downplays More Recent Figure

CBS Hypes ‘Second Thoughts’ About Alabama Law On Illegal Immigration

New York Times Staffers In Open Revolt Against Management


Iran May Hang, Not Stone Woman Convicted Of Adultery


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