Must Know Headlines


The Top 10 Political And Policy Stories To Watch For In 2012

Dozens Of Tax Cuts Set To Expire In 2012

The Year In Obama Scandals — And Scandal Deniers


Romney Says He Would Veto DREAM Act

Gingrich: Justice Dept Wants To ‘Steal Elections’

‘Stop The Hate! Taste The Rainbow!’: Santorum Glitter Bombed In Iowa

Barack Obama

With Reservations, Obama Signs Act To Allow Detention Of Citizens

In 2012, Obama To Press Ahead Without Congress

Obama Administration Turns To Notorious Jew Hater
To Mediate In Afghanistan


Rose Parade Caves To Occupy Threats

Activist Leading ‘Occupy The Rose Parade’ Is A Convicted Thief,
9-11 Truther, And Former Democratic Assembly Politician

#Occupy Albany Goons Threaten Police Officer & His Family

Occupy Protesters Attempt To Reclaim Zuccotti Park On New Year’s Eve

Trailer For Occupy Wall Street Movie

Virginia Elementary School Indoctrinating Third-Graders With Occupy Sing-Along: “
They Want More Money, They’re The 1%. . . I’m Happy To Be Part Of The 99%”

Democrat-Activist Media

Ten 2011 Examples Of Major Media Malfeasance:
It Will Get Even Worse In 2012

Hollywood Hates Liberty

NBC Touts Californians Who Support Higher Taxes

AP Approves of Obama’s 2012 Strategy of Virtually All Campaigning,
All Executive Branch Overreach All The Time

Media Hypes Occupy’s Rose Parade “Octopus” Float


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