Must Know Headlines


Alabama: Muslim Man Shoots Out Store Windows To Lure Police Officers To Scene,
Engages Them In Running Gun Battle To “Draw Attention To Islam”

Why Don’t White House Visitor Logs Report Hollywood Halloween Guests?

Romney: If You Want Welfare State, Vote For Obama

 Mark Levin Interviews Marco Rubio

 Iranian, Venezuelan Leaders Rebuff  US, Joke About Bomb 

Iran’s Leader Arrives In Venezuela To Meet Chavez


Occupy Oakland Says F**K  The Police

Professor Forced NYU Student To Go To #OWS Against Her Will For Class Requirement

DOJ Inspector General Refuses To Investigate Occupy Public Safety Threats

 Obama Chief Of Staff

New Chief Of Staff: Former Hedge Fund Exec. At Citigroup,
Made Money Off Mortgage Defaults

Downgrade: Meet Obama’s New Chief Of Staff

Incoming Chief Of Staff Jack Lew’s Past Statements Coming Under Fire

Daley To Co-Chair Obama’s Re-Election Campaign

Barack Obama

Carney: Obama Focused On “Working With Congress Or Using His Executive Authority”

Obama To Betray Missile Defense Secrets To Moscow

Michelle Obama’s Resentment Of “White Irish Catholics” Similar
To Barack’s Hatred Of “White Folks’ Greed” (Video)

Will Congress Stop King Barack The First?

Democrat-Activist Media

How The Media Makes Us Stupid

Democrat Hacks Host GOP Debates

Johnny Depp-Gate: What Did The Mainstream Media
Know And When Did They Know It?

Media Arrogance: Politico’s Simon Suggests
GOP Field Isn’t Worthy Of The Press Corps

Tapper Acknowledges In 2008 The Media ‘Tilted On The Scales A Little Bit’ For Obama

This Weeks MSM Bias Award Goes To George Stephanopoulos

Romney Tells Stephanopoulos Contraception Question ‘Silly’

How New Documentary Rules Might Smite The Right


Non Citizen Voting In Connecticut

Chris Wallace Exposes DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz’s Double Standard [Video]



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