Must Know Headlines


The New American Way: Bailouts And Dependency 

Wasserman Schultz: “Natural Home” For Minorities Is Democratic Party

Clinton Judge: Students Can Sue To Reinstate La Raza Studies

Afghan Soldier Fires On US Soldiers Playing Volleyball
– Killing One And Wounding Three

Child Suicide Bombers: “They Told Us The Bombs Would Not Kill Us,
 Only The Americans Would Die And You Can Come Back To Us”

Iraq: 53 People Killed In Bomb Blast

Mark Levin: Count Me A Staunch Supporter Of Marines Who Urinated On Taliban Corpses

Barack Obama

Blatant Lie: Obama Campaign Accuses Romney, Gingrich And Perry
Of Calling For “Zeroing Out Aid To Israel”

Businesses Need Relief From Obama, Not Gov’t Reorg

White House Knew Of Solyndra Layoff Plan

The 11 Other Solyndras

Democrat-Activist Media