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Jay Carney: Obama Doesn’t Really Spend A Lot of Time Campaigning

Obama Hit 4 NYC Fundraisers On Thursday

Obama Says He’s Confident Of Re-Election At $35,800 Per Person
Fundraiser In Spike Lee’s Home

With Economy In The Sewer… Obama Resorts To Singing At Fundraisers (Video)

Friday Obama Attends Fundraiser At Luxury Jefferson Hotel

Scarlett Johansson And Anna Wintour Host Obama Campaign Fashion Event

Barack Obama

Obama Has Figured Out Why Americans Perceive Him As Aloof: It’s The Media’s Fault

Thanks To Obama’s Job Killing Keystone Denial,
Canada Look To China Sales

Obama Administration Says No To Oil, Yes To Biofuels

Obama Admin Mandates Religious Employers Cover Contraception Cost,
Catholic Bishops Furious


Allen West Calls Out Harry Reid: It’s Been 1000 Days, Pass A Budget Already!

1,000 Days Without a Budget: Facts On The Senate’s Failure


Solyndra Caught Destroying Millions Of Dollars In Assets

Fact Checking President Obama: Unprecedented  Cronyism:
 AFP Releases Solyndra Documentation

Democrat-Activist Media

Fineman: Newt Impressed Crowd Of South Carolina Hicks Who “Like Cockfighting”

NPR Misleading People About Obama And Keystone

Vanity Fair: Conservatives Couldn’t Possibly Despise NPR These Days

Biased WashPost Headline: ‘Justices Throw Out Texas Electoral Maps Favoring Minorities’

Obama’s Favorite SuperPAC, The Activist Old Media

Palace Guard Comic Wanda Sykes Plays Fake Race Card To Rip Perry

‘Today’ Show Groupies Fawn Over ‘Crooner-In-Chief’ Obama: ‘He Could Be On The Voice’

Gingrich Slams CNN, ABC Over “Open Marriage” Issue


Ozone Hole Above The Arctic Has Actually Been Caused By COLD Weather




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