Must Know Headlines


Allen West Being Redistricted Out Of Existence
In Effort Led By Romney Florida Spokesman

Mark Levin: ‘Lay Off Matt Drudge;’ ‘Mainstream Media Hates His Guts’

Grassley Says Obama Is Behaving Dictatorially, ‘Usurping Legislative Powers’

 CAIR Applauds West Point Prayer Breakfast
Withdrawal Of General Critical of Islam

NBC, AP Avoid ‘M-Word’ In Report About ‘Honor Killings’

Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: Islamic Law Should Be Implemented Gradually
In Egypt; There Should Be No Chopping Off Of Hands In The First Five Years

Female Voters Are Too Emotional: And That Makes Me Very Angry!!



Barack Obama

Don’t Hold Your Breath For Romney To Attack Obama The Way He Attacked Newt

Obama’s Words Don’t Match With Action On Oil And Gas

Obama, Mooch And Biden Hit 5 Fundraisers In One Day, Raise $5.3 Million

Obama To Reporter: I Will Unite America!

….Calls Tea Partiers Teabaggers

Obama To Occupy Hecklers In NH: ‘You’re The Reason That I Ran For Office’

Obama Harangues Israel For Settlements,
Silent When Palestinian Authority TV Praises Fogel Family Murderers

Obama & Democrat Backed Occupiers

Obama & Democrat Backed OWS Protester Murders Parents
After They Complain About Him Spending Too Much Time At OWS

#Occupy Goons Disrupt First-Ever March for Life Youth Rally (Video)

“Otherwise Peaceful” Occupy Oakland Demonstration
Marred By Riots, Vandalism & Flag Burnings

Occupy DC Protesters Make ‘Citizens’ Arrest’ Of Fox News Van

The True Face Of Occupy Wall Street 

 Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Whines About Use Of Brokaw Report To Attack Newt
On Ethics Charges, Failed To Report Gingrich’s Vindication

CNN Smears Reagan Legacy;
Touts ‘A Lot of People Who Were Suffering’ Under Reagan

Survivor Sues Gingrich Over Use Of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’


The Wall Street Journal Falls For Palestinian Fauxtography Hoax