Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators
Visited White House 342 Times

Must Know Headlines


Obama Budget

White House Unveils Most Expensive Proposal In American History

 Budget Would Cut NASA, Pentagon And Cost Of Jailing Immigrants

Obama Proposes $800 Million For “Arab Spring” Countries,
$1.3 Billion To Egypt,  $4 Billion For Iraq & So Much More

Obama’s Budget Would Have The National Debt Break $25 Trillion By 2021 


Obama ‘Using Budget To Pay Off Political Base’

Obama Budget Aims At Investors — Not Just Super-Rich

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Matters Memo Called For Hiring Private Investigators
‘To Look Into The Personal Lives’ Of Fox Employees

AP Likens Romney To “Drug-Traffickers, Mobsters, Smugglers And Swindlers”

Something Gays & Muslims Need Never Fear: CBS, Grammys Mock Catholic Church

Media Silent As Mexico Arrests Key Figure In Fast And Furious



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