Must Know Headlines


Millions Of Dead Voters, Brought To You By Eric Holder

Obama Cites Rising Gas Prices – Up 83 Percent Under His Tenure –

Obama Threatens To Veto Bill Expanding Domestic Oil Drilling,
Approving Keystone XL Pipeline

Distressing Day In Obamaville: GOP Caves On Payroll Tax,
Bam Brags About 40 Bucks

Unequal Protection Under Obamacare

Barack Obama

Obama Tells China He ‘Welcomes’ Their Rise To Power

Tonight: Obama Attends 2 Fundraisers For Himself

Another Obama-Funded Solar Company Goes
Belly Up – Given $13.3 Million In Tax Credits

Obama’s Snubbing Of D.C. Voucher Opportunity Scholarship
Program Reveals His Priorities

No Worries, Obama Said:
My Kids Will Succeed Even If USA Doesn’t

Obama Wants 80 Percent Disarmament Of Nuclear Arsenal

 Obama Budget

Obama’s Budget Raises Taxes On All, Not Just The Rich

The ‘Stay In Your Parents’ Basement’ Obama Budget

Proposed Obama Budget Includes Surge In Tax Hikes

Planned Parenthood

Disturbing Report On Planned Parenthood: “Hooking Kids On Sex”

Planned Parenthood CEO  Top White House Mandate Advisor

BFF: Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and Barack Obama

Democrat-Activist Media

Occupy Thugs Disrupt Santorum Rally; MSNBC Blames Campaign Staff

Media Matters Exposed

Media Matters Tax-Exempt Status May Face New Scrutiny From Congress

New NYT Jerusalem Bureau Chief Cozies Up To Israel Bashers

Breitbart Interview Causes Uygur To Resort To False Quote,
Cry For Commercial

With Uygur Rant & Olbermann Tweet, Al Gore’s Current TV Doubles Down
On Absurd ‘No Rapes At Occupy’ Lie

MSNBC’s Alter Warns Of Anti-Obama ‘Hate Ads’ Paid For By Billionaires

 Comedy Central’s Keegan-Michael Key:
‘If You Don’t Like Michelle Obama … You Can Go To Hell’


Hamas Leader Meets Ahmadinejad, Endorses Violence

CASA de MarylandFaces Challenge Over Tax-Exempt Status