Must Know Headlines


Media Cherry Pick 41 Minute Santorum Speech
To Misrepresent Obama’s ‘Phony Theology’

Chart Of The Week:
Nearly Half Of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes

Planned Parenthood CEO Top Advisor On Contraception Mandate

Muslims Stone Christians On Temple Mount

Report: Sex-Change Treatments On The Rise Among Children & Teens


Obama Team Defends Policies As Gas Prices Soar

Gas Prices Are Highest Ever For This Time Of Year

Campaign Against Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline
Driven By US Foundation Millions

Barack Obama

 Democrat-Activist Media

In Desperate Attempt To Save Obama,
NPR And AP Hype Another Catholic Church Scandal

Comedy Cowards: ‘SNL’ Hammers GOP,
Gently Teases First Lady’s Obesity Campaign

MSNBC Panel: GOP White Southern Old Man Party

Wash. Post, NY Times Decry Israeli Treatment Of Palestinian Terrorists

Clarence Page Claims Santorum Wants Ban Contraception

David Gregory Smashed Paul Ryan With Hardballs,
Then Said To The Liberal, ‘Congressman, Respond’

Hollywood Gives Shout-Out To Occupy Wall Street

 Multi-Millionaire One-Percenter Bruce Springsteen Says
Occupy Wall Street Inspiration For New Album



Memo To Jews: After They Come For The Catholic Church, They Will Come For Us