‘How I Snorted Cocaine Just Feet From Obama’: Comedian David Cross Reveals He Did Drugs At White House Event


Good thing he didn’t see you. The president might have wanted to join.

Mail Online:

Comedian David Cross claims he snorted cocaine at a White House event, just feet away from President Barack Obama — just so he could say he did it.

The 47-year-old funnyman, best known for playing Tobias Fünke in ‘Arrested Development,’ claims he was attending the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2009 when he did the drugs.

Cross has long been open about his history of drug use and abuse and hard-partying, but this claim is remarkable, even for him.

He has made the statement previously in his stand-up shows, but it was never clear whether he was being serious or not.

However, Cross dished details of the incident during an interview appearing in the March issue of Playboy magazine, due out later this week.

‘It was a tiny granule of coke that I put on my wrist and said, “Watch this. I need a witness.” And then I ducked under the table and did it,’ he said.

Cook claimed he was about 65 feet from the president at the event when he snorted the drugs.

Obama, himself, is no stranger to cocaine. In his book ‘Dreams from My Father,’ he admitted to smoking marijuana and doing ‘a little coke’ as a young manREAD MORE

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