Must Know Headlines


Nation Might Reach $16.4 Trillion Debt Limit Close To Election Day

Top 10 Obama Budget Travesties

 Obamacare’s Pre-Existing Condition Plan Costing Twice
As Much Per Enrollee As Originally Estimated

President, Vice President And First Lady Hold Six Fundraisers In One Day 

Tax Cheat Geithner: Rich Must Pay For “Privilege Of Being An American” 

Alabama Tackled Illegal Immigration And Unemployment Started Dropping 

Barack Obama

Obama Politicized High Gas Prices In 2008, Now Accuses GOP Of Playing Politics 

ABC Shills For Obama: Blame The Oil Speculators And Not
The President For High Gas Prices

High Gas Prices: Obama’s Half-Truths vs. Reality 

15 Questions The Mainstream Media Would Ask
Barack Obama If He Were A Republican

Obama Snubs Gridiron Journalists Again

Mohamed Shohan Arrested Over Assault Of Son, 11,
‘Who Wouldn’t Watch Obama’s State Of The Union Speech’

Accidental Koran Burning

Afghanistan: Death Toll From Koran Burning Temper Tantrum Hits 20

Afghanistan: Devout Muslims Respond To Obama’s Apology:
‘Kill Them, Beat Them, Take Them as Prisoners’

 Obama Admin Now Apologizing  To American Muslims 
Over Accidental Koran Burnings In Afghanistan

Flashback: Bibles Burned At U.S. Base In Afghanistan,
ZERO People Killed & No Apologies

Michelle Obama

Fresh From Her Aspen Ski Trip, Michelle Obama Reminds
You To Feel Guilty For Earning A Living

Michelle Obama: “Every Day I Hear About How Folks Are Struggling”
…(But It Didn’t Stop Her From Taking 16 Vacations)

Democrat-Activist Media 

Time’s Joe Klein: GOP ‘Scared White People’

CNN’s Piers Morgan Asks Canadian-Born Socialist Who Helped Destroy MI
 Jennifer Granholm To Consider Running For ‘Higher Office’

NYT’s Bill Keller: “If We Were Objective, We Would Be Tedious To Read” 

Oscar Host Billy Crystal Plans To Mock GOP ‘Idiots’ In Telecast 

Yahoo! Lets HBO’s Bill Maher Rip GOP, Promote Obama’s Super PAC


 Planned Parenthood Fraud Totals $100 Million In Tax Dollars 

Twisting LAPD Impound Policy To Favor Illegals