Must Know Headlines


Clinton To Muslims: Pay No Attention To GOP Campaign Talk

Bachmann Calls On Obama To Define Afghan Mission & Hold Afghanistan
Accountable For Death Of Four Soldiers Over The Burning Of The Koran

Gingrich: ‘If Karzai Doesn’t Feel Like Apologizing
We Should Say Goodbye And Good Luck’

Krauthammer: When Will Islamic Nations Apologize
To Us For Persecuting And Killing Christians?

Unintentional Koran Burning

Two Top US Advisers Shot Dead By Afghan
 Policeman Upset Over Koran Burnings

Iran Military Official: Only Burning White House Can Make Up For Burning Koran,
Says Muslims Worldwide Should Reject Obama’s Apology

Pentagon Official Apologizes At Virginia Mosque For……..
Accidental Koran Burnings In Afghanistan

OIC Caliphate Demands Swift Punishment
 For Infidels Who Burned Quran

Graves Of British Troops Smashed And Desecrated By Libyan
Islamists In Protest Over U.S. Soldiers’ Accidental Koran Burning


Green Company Gets $390M Subsidies, Lays Off 125

Obamacare: Pay No Attention To Mandate Behind Curtain Of Spin

DNC Chair Recalls “Goose Bumps” For Candidate
 She Didn’t Endorse In 2008 Primary

Today’s Reckless Spenders Enslave Future Generations

High Gas Hypocrisy: Stunning 15 Times Obama
And Top Dems Politicized Gas Prices

 Barack Obama

Obama On Drilling: Republicans Think American People Stupid

Obama: Use ‘Algae’ As Substitute For Oil

Flashback: Obama’s Answer To Drilling Debate Is To Inflate Your Tires
& Get Regular Tune-Ups

The Community Organizer’s Collectivist Vision

Top McCain Advisor On ‘Game Change’: Palin Didn’t Cost
Republicans The Election – Obama’s Fundraising Did

Democrat-Activist Media

Time’s Joe Klein: “I’ve Never Seen A GOP Field So Extreme” –
“This Is Jonestown, They’ve Drunk This Kool-Aid”

Ed Schultz Mocks Fox Over ‘Lorax,’
Claims Hollywood Has No Liberal Agenda

Oscar Nominees Making Big Donations To Obama

Networks Ignore Liberal Hollywood’s Influence In D.C.

Media Skewers Santorum, Romney On Faith, What About Obama?

AP Nonsense On Santorum:
‘Misidentified’ As Evangelical — By Time Magazine