Must Know Headlines



Obamacare Will Cost Twice As Much As Promised

CBO: Obamacare Will Force 4 Million To Lose Their Health Care Plans

Obama’s Lies On Obamacare Catching Up To Him




Obama Offers Secret Data For Russia Missile Shield Approval

Russia: We’re Happy To Sell Arms To Assad

Democrat-Activist Media

Politico’s Alex Burns: Voters Are ‘Forrest Gump-Like’,
Lack ‘Most Basic Grasp Of The Details’

Politico Reporter Smears: Limbaugh Is Like The ‘Serial Murderer’
With ‘Bodies In The Trunk’

Politico Covers Up Obama Anti-Palin Selective Edit

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Trots Out Bell’s Widow To Attack The Right As Liars

What’s The Matter With Soledad O’Brien?

Shocking Audio Tapes Of MSNBC Star Sharpton Surface

What The NY Times WON’T Run: Counter-Jihad Facts
What The NY Times Will Run: Anti-Catholic Smear Ads

WaPo Falsely Accuses Israel Of Killing Palestinian Teenager