Must Know Headlines


National Debt Has Increased More Under 3 Years Of Obama Than 8 Years Of Bush

Egypt Designates Israel Its Top Enemy —
Obama Restores Military Aid To…….. Egypt

HHS Birth Control Mandate Has No Legal Precedent

29 Judges In Wisconsin Have Signed Recall Petitions

Landmark Files Complaint Against 29 Wisconsin Judges (PDF)

Dangerous Mexico For Malia

State Department Warns Americans Not To Go
To Mexico So Obama Sends His 13 Year Old Daughter There

White House Admits To Asking News
Agencies To Pull Malia Obama Vacation Story

It’s Not About The First Daughter,
It’s About The Judgment Of  The White House

Rick Santorum Reacts To Obama Allowing Daughter
To Vacation in Mexico: ‘Set An Example’

GOP Budget

Paul Ryan Talks About His Plan To Prosperity With Mark Levin

Ryan Tax Plan Is Powerful Antidote To Obamanomics

Ryan Has Put Forth A Serious Plan Worthy Of Serious Consideration

Paul Ryan: My Plan Can Balance The Budget In 10 Years

Clockwork: White House, Democrats Demonize And Distort Ryan Budget

Ryan Slashes Deficits By $3.26 Trillion vs Obama

GOP Budget Takes Aim At The ‘Dependent Culture’
(Also Known As Occupy)

Communist, Violent Occupiers

Obama To “Occupy” Protesters: “You’re The Reason That I Ran” For Office

#Occupy Mid West – ‘The Soviet Constitution Is Way Better Than Ours’

Occupy Midwest Vandals Deface Historic St. Louis Landmarks
& Leave Threats – “Only Blood Of Rich Will Stop Occupy”

Occupy Protester Guilty Of Arson Misses Sentencing 

Occupier On Kremlin Propaganda Channel: Movement To Become ‘More Radical’

Occupier: Occupy Rapists A Product Of The ‘American Dream’

Occupy Protester Let Off for Impersonating A Police Officer

Barack Obama

Oil Workers Protest Obama Visit

Romney Slams Heckler: ‘If You Want Free Stuff, Vote For Obama

Obama Campaign Secretly Briefs Reporters Assigned To Follow Romney

Obama’s Education Dept. Partners With Soros

Why Obama Is Absurd To Suggest Algae

Democrat-Activist Media

Gayle King Attends Obama Fundraiser; ABC Omits She’s A CBS Anchor

Al Sharpton: Keeping Black Voters Angry

NPR Frames ObamaCare In Racial Terms

Typically Combative Media Matters Clams Up Under Fire

GOP Presents Budget, Tax Reform Plans;
MSNBC’s Wagner Gushes It’s ‘Christmas In March’ For Democrats

CBS Boosts Democrats’ Poster Bashing Paul Ryan Plan As Horror Movie


French Muslim Was Jewish Day School Shooter