Must Know Headlines


Obama Takes Aim At Supreme Court,
Calls Them ‘Unelected Group Of People’

FBI Removes 876 Pages of Counterterrorism Training
Material Deemed “Offensive” To Muslims

Flashback: Obama’s Homeland Security Warned Of  Terrorists Wearing Hoodies

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Teachers’ Unions Trained Well-Funded Alinsky Group

 Van Jones Seemingly Thrilled With Capitalism When It Comes To Selling His Book

Neighbor Comes Forward, Says Zimmerman
Banged Up Pretty Bad And Wearing Bandages

Barack Obama

Michelle Obama To Kids:
Convince Your Great-Grandparents To Vote For Us

Merchandising Trayvon Martin

Obama Calls For More Redistribution Of Wealth,
Declaring : ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ 

The 2012 Obama Golf Season Has Begun!

Top Obama Campaign Donor Accused Of Fraud

Obama Shoots Down Mars Exploration—Space Community Outraged As
Real Missions Are Replaced By Simulated Science


Chart Of The Week:
Estimated Loss Of Health Coverage Under Obamacare

House Dems Eye Policy Responses To Shooting Death Of Trayvon Martin

VP Joe Biden: I Wouldn’t Want ‘A Real Job’


#Occupy Criminals To Hold Rally Against Police At
St. Louis Park They Just Pillaged in March

Man Dies At Occupy Tallahassee: Reports Suggest He Wasn’t Found For Days

Democrat-Activist Media

 Tom Brokaw Appears On Chinese Communist Television

Keith Olbermann ‘Switched Car Services Eight Times In A Year
And Complained His Drivers Smelled And Talked To Him’

Shell Oil CEO Schools Charlie Rose

 ABC’s Terry Moran Is A Know Nothing On Bush v Gore


Widespread Jihad In Thailand: Islamic Bomb Attacks Continue
Hundreds More Casualties 15 Dead, 500+ Injured