Must Know Headlines


Chaffetz: White House Blocking Access To
‘Fast And Furious’ Witness Who Wants To Testify

Energy Department To Fund More Renewable Energy Projects

Kraft Drops Conservative Lobbying Group Over
Voter ID And ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

REPORT: Mass Illegal Alien Voter Fraud Uncovered In Florida

Gallup: Job Creation Best In Red State Cities

Oklahoma: New Law Banning Sharia Dies In Committee 


 It’s 2012! But The Race Industry Is In High Gear, From Burger King’s
Mary J. Blige Ad To The Media Doctoring The Zimmerman Tape

Durbin Says We Must Buy Hybrid Cars Because Of Tornadoes:
“It’s Your Money Or Your Life”

Democrat Calls Primary Opponent A “Whore” For Supporting Israel (Video)

Barack Obama 

Obama Plays Kissie-Kissie With Groups Who Shoot Women In
The Head & Beat Them In Public… But He Supports Women

Obama Lies: Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Does Mammograms

The Obama Campaign’s Fake Romney Criticism

Obama Budget: Debt Payments To Exceed Defense Budget Within The Decade

Report: Obama Tells Iran He Will Accept Them Having A Civilian
Nuclear Program If They Pinky Swear Not To Build Weapons

Obama’s EPA On Trial

President Obama: ‘Jesus Knew Doubt’

Democrat-Activist Media

CNBC: Don’t Worry, ‘$4 Gas Isn’t That Big Of A Deal’

Obama Network: First Family Frequent Guests
On NBC And Other Comcast-Owned Nets

 Huffington Post Promotes ‘Queer Christ’

Targeting George Zimmerman: Edit-Gate Worse Than Rathergate

Allen West Won’t Let CNN Anchor Take Him Down
The “Rabbit Hole” Of  Gay Marriage

Mainstream Media Discovers “Honor Killings”

Fox News Hires Supporter Of Jeremiah Wright And Derrick Bell


 The Muslim Brotherhood’s Charm Offensive In Washington

Empower Workers, Not Unions With Political Agendas