16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


 O’Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation: Young Man Offered Holder’s Ballot

Rev. Wright Roars Back With Hate-Laced Easter Week Sermon

Teen Allegedly Gunned Down Over Sneakers

50 people killed in Easter Sunday Bombings In Nigeria

Iranians Demolish Historic Church, Christian Cemetery

Report: North Korea Preparing Nuclear Test As Missile Readied

Sharpton Breaks Promise To Trayvon Supporters,
 Fails To Show Up In Sanford For Easter ‘Occupation’

 New Black Panthers

New Black Panthers Call For Race War And Blood Shed,
To Kill Cr**kers For Trayvon On April 9th

Suited, Booted, and Armed’: Unbelievable Audio From The New Black Panthers
On Bloody, Anti-Capitalist ‘Race War’ Against White Devils

Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center:  New Black Panther Party Is
Virulently Racist & Anti-Semitic Org. Whose Leaders Encourage
Violence Against Whites, Jews And Law Enforcement

Barack Obama

Clearing The Way For The Taliban

White House Wages War On Women,
Meets With Muslim Brotherhood

Chart Of  The Week: Obamacare’s Bundle Of Budget Gimmicks

Obama Campaign Stiffs Vermont Police, Taxpayers

Gun Rights Advocate And Former Obama Colleague:
President Used To Treat Him As ‘Evil’

 Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Stoking Racial Division By Use of N****R On Air

NBC: Zimmerman Audio Removed By ‘Mistake, Not Deliberate’

 CNN’s Media Watchdog Kurtz Virtually Ignores Editgate

 SNL Takes First 5 Minutes Of Show Bashing Mitt Romney In Stale Skit (Video)

NY Times Weaves A Netanyahu-Romney Conspiracy Tale


Baltimore Bomb Plotter Gets 25 Years

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