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CNBC Analyst Loses It Over Obama’s Buffett Rule: ‘Absolutely Not!’

’80 Communists’ In House Founded By Socialist Group:
Republican Rep. Allen West ‘Stands By His Words’

Obama’s Buffett Rule Raises $5 Billion,
 Will Take 3000 Years To Pay Debt

Romney: ’92 Percent Of Job Losses During The Obama Years Has Been Women’

Obama White House Pays Women Less Than Men, Records Show

Christie: I Will Sacrifice My Career To Take On Teachers Unions

George Zimmermann Arrested, Charged: The State’s Case
 Helped By Eric Holder, Who Praises Racial Arsonist Al Sharpton As A Hero


Liberals Attack Ann Romney As A “Cunt,” “Bitch,” “Whore”

Sexist Dog-Fighting Defender To Headline Biden Fundraiser

Ann Romney: Mom of five boys. Grandmother of 16.

Democrat Strategist: GOP Made Up ‘War On Women’ Phrase

 DOJ Ignores Black-On-White Crime  

Healthcare Journalists: HHS Barred Us From ObamaCare ‘Listening Sessions’ 

Eric Holder Praises Left-Wing Activist Al Sharpton, Says Facts,
Law Will Guide Trayvon Martin Investigation

Barack Obama

In Obama’s World This Isn’t Paying Your “Fair Share”: Top 1% Makes Almost 20%
 Of All U.S. Income And Pays Almost 40% Of All Income Taxes

President Obama’s ‘Fairness’ Vision Would Bankrupt Nation

Obama: I’m Not Interested in Redistribution…But We Must Pass The Buffett Rule

 WH: Buffett Rule Opponents Not Being ‘Classy’

Rush: Obama Intentionally Stoking Racial Chaos

Slow Jobs Growth Underscores Obamanomics’ Failure

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Repeat Obama’s Big Lie About Mortgage Crisis

The Media And The Zimmerman-Martin Case

The Black Church’s Respect For Marriage
Deserves Respect From The Media

AP’s Crutsinger Ignores All-Time Single-Month
Spending Record in Report On March Deficit

 Networks Offer Skimpy Coverage Of The President’s
Call For Higher Taxes, CBS Parrots Obama

In Wake Of Jihad Mass Murder At Jewish School,
New York Times Propagates Fears Of Fictitious “Anti-Muslim” Backlash


Darrell Issa Is Face Of GOP Outrage Over GSA Scandal

T. Boone Pickens: “I’ve Lost My A**” On Big Wind