16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Federal Workers Make Nearly Twice Private Sector Compensation

The Jobless Numbers Manipulation

Michelle To Hold Four Fundraisers In Two Days

Warren Buffett Reveals Cancer Minutes Before Glenn Beck
Exposes His Connection To ‘Keystone Pipeline’ Alternative

Allen West: “I Don’t Regret” Calling Democrats Communists

Barack Obama

Obama: I Used To Eat Dog Meat, It Was “Tough”

New Documents Reveal U.S. And British Officials Were Worried
About Obama’s “Anti-American” And “Anti-White” Father

Obama’s ‘Neutral’ Stance On The Falklands Is
Of A Piece With His Dictator-Coddling Foreign Policy

Obama’s Peace Partners Poison 150 High School Girls
After Bombing The Snot Out Of Kabul

Obama Politicizes Trayvon For Latino Audience

Obama & Democrat Endorsed OWS

Ex-Obama Czar Van Jones Trains Occupy:
‘This Will Make the ’60s Look Tame’

Ten Arrested As Obama-Endorsed #OWS Goons And Thugs
Try To Occupy Federal Building Across From NYSE

Anti-Semitism At Occupy DC’s ‘Emancipation Day’

After Violent Attack By Anarchists, NYTimes Strains To Note
Occupy Protests ‘Largely Devoid Of Property Damage’


Obama And His Administration’s Non-Stop
Assault On Affordable Energy

Obama Pitches $52M Plan To Regulate Oil Markets

Obama Reframes Gas Prices As GOP Problem


Obama Backs Secret Service Director Amid Scandal

GSA Scandal Emblematic Of Obama’s View Of Government


Democratic Senate Budget Chairman Reverses Course,
Will Not Offer Budget This Year

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Talks Income Inequality In $1,000 Jacket

Sandra Fluke Speaks at Georgetown, Press Banned From Event

Democrat-Activist Media

‘SNL’ Writers: Obama’s ‘Smooth’ And Romney’s Kids Are Fair Game

AP Downplays Bad News About Housing Starts And Removes It From Headline

Washington Post Burned Again By Blogger

NBC Tries To Undermine Romney Handling Of Hilary Rosen Attack

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