Must Know Headlines


To Win The Coming Nasty Campaign, Romney Must Focus On
Obama’s Record And Avoid Distractions Of News Cycle

Hold On To Your Wallets: Obama Pledges To Double Down On Clean Energy

Solyndra Building For Sale!

CBO: Food Stamp Rolls Explode By 70%

Lobbyists Have Found New Ways To Secure Funding For Clients

Jeff Sessions To The Senate: The American People
Shouldn’t Send Another Dime To This Place


Pelosi: Amend The First Amendment

Dodd-Frank: New Federal Agency Gets Money From Fed, Not Congress

Reid Halts Budget Process; No Vote Likely Until After Nov. Election

New Tone: Union Rally Speaker Tells Scott Walker ‘We Cut Your Head Off’

Obama Admin Seeks Gitmo Release Of Terrorist Who Killed US Soldier

GSA Administrator In 2011: Volt Will Save Millions

Barack Obama

Obama Quietly Seeking To Cede U.S. Oceans To U.N. Law:
Shock Recommendation Buried In White House Report

Dem Governor Bashes Romney For Polygamist Great Grandfather –
Forgets About Obama’s Polygamist DAD

Coulter:  Obama’s Silver Spoon Was ‘An Affirmative Action Silver Spoon’

No More “Mr. Obama Is A Nice Guy”

Growing Scandals Threaten To Swamp Obama

Why Barack Obama Identifies With Dog-Eaters

Democrat-Activist Media

Trend Growing: Like Mika, Former Network Anchor Paula Zahn
Moderates White House  Chat On Women

Earth Day Special: The Media’s Top 25 Worst Environmental Quotes

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Calls Ann Romney ‘Fake’ And ‘Two-Faced’

So Far, Media Mum on Obama’s Defense Secretary:
A Million Dollars For Commuting  Costs?

Current TV Hires California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom


Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page Hosts Anti-Jewish Cartoon

‘Occupy’ Promises ‘Biggest Shut Down The City
Of New York Has Ever Seen,’ Blockade Of San Fran


Pro-Hamas Exhibit Opens In France

The Sudan Declares Jihad War On South Sudan