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Missouri House Votes To ‘Nullify’ Obamacare

Tea Party Roars: Six-Term Incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch Forced Into Primary

Mia Love Secures GOP Nomination In Utah’s 4th Congressional District

Mia Love (R) Candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional District
Conservative Republican Mia Love

Barack Obama

Record 5.4 Million Join Disability Rolls Under Obama

Obama Golfs For 95th Time As President!

Obama’s Latest Ploy To Stabilize Gas Prices Would Do “The Exact Opposite”

Ousted Maldives President Claims Obama Approved Islamist Coup

Obama Trying To Win Back Wary Young Voters With Bribes

Video: Charles Krauthammer Takes Apart Obama’s Fairness Doctrine

10 More Reasons Obama Doesn’t Deserve A Second Term

Media Matters

Obama’s Justice Department Now Referring Media Inquiries To Media Matters

Flashback: Media Matters History Of Anti-Semitism

Democrat-Activist Media

Daily Beast Columnist Politely Calls For George Zimmerman’s Lynching

MSNBC Anchors Don’t Care About Evidence,
Are ‘Cheerleading’ For  Zimmerman Conviction

MSNBC Host Condemns Romney To Hell

Politifact Won’t Apply ‘Truth-O-Meter’ In Article
About Obama Eating Dog Meat As  Boy

Hannity, Bozell Review Media’s Love Of ‘Rock Star’ Obama