Must Know Headlines


Russia Hires Exxon Mobil To Get Oil Obama Doesn’t Want

Occupy DC Demands Release Of Cop Killer

Bret Baier Gets NPR’s Mara Liasson To
Admit Medicare Ends As We Know It Without Ryan Plan

No Charges Over ‘Reverse Trayvon Martin’ Shooting In Phoenix Area

Social Security Finances Significantly Worse, Says 2012 Trustees Report

Arizona Defends SB 1070: Border In The Court

Gun-Toting Grandma Fights Off Armed Robbery With .38-Caliber Revolver

Blacks Beat Man For Trayvon

Update: Children & Women In Dresses Joined In, AL Man Clings
To Life After Vicious Beating By “Trayvon” Sympathetic Mob (Video)

Beating Of Alabama Man Not Seen As Hate Crime, Despite Claim ‘Trayvon’ Invoked

ANGRY MOTHER Says Matthew Owens Deserved It For Using
N-Word – Kids Are the Real Victims (Video)


Dems Say They’ll Pass Legislation Stripping States
Of Power To Enact Their Own Immigration Rules

Michelle Obama To Former ACORN Hustlers: “In The End,  This All Could Come
Down To Those Last Few Thousand People That We Register To Vote”

DNC Chief’s Lie Of The Day

Obama Genocide Panel Chair Backed Invading Israeli Territory

 Labor Dept. Rule Bans Chores On The Farm

DOJ To Prosecute BP Exec For Deepwater Horizon Incident

TSA Treated 4-Year-Old Like A Terrorist

Barack Obama

Obama Campaign Asks Unions To Help Cover Convention Costs

Obama: I Can Do Every Job Better Than Those I Hire To Do It

Bogus Hedge Fund Manager Shervin Neman And Wife Are
Max-Donors To Obama, DNC And Under Investigation By SEC

Obama Says He And Michelle ‘Got Poor Together’

Obama Jumps The Shark With Student Loan Jam

Obama Asks For An Amen From Students Racking Up Loan Debt

Obama Admin Defends Forcing Tax-Funding Of Embryonic Research

Democrat-Activist Media

Wash Post’s Chris Cillizza Definitively Declares:
Obama Is ‘Cool’; Romney Is  ‘Not Cool’

VIDEO: New York Times Employees Fit To
Be Tied Over Little Pinch’s Pension Changes

Wikipedia May Redefine Term “Pro-Life” In Every Abortion Entry

Journalism, Jihad, And The New York Times 

CBS Lies About Number Of Complaints It Received

NBC’s Chuck Todd Uses Palin To Disqualify Marco Rubio As Potential VP

Media Selectively Sees ‘Trayvon’ In Violence Victims


Facebook Bans Mother Over Photos Of
Disabled Son Having Fun At Special Olympics

Jew-Bashing At Universities The New Normal