Must Know Headlines


GOP: Let’s Pay For Low Student-Loan Rates With ObamaCare Slush Fund

Federal Budget In Pictures

Obama Cites “National Security” As Reason
For Bypassing Congress To Give $147 Million To Palestinians

Palestinian Faces Death Penalty For Selling Home To Jews

Miss America Contestant Told Not To Mention Pro-Life Views

Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down To Girl With Cerebral Palsy


Tenured New Jersey Union Teacher To 10-Year-Old
Autistic Child: Shut Up, Bastard

Dem Rep Smears ‘Threatening’ Tea Party As ‘Racist,’ ‘Crazy,’ ‘Ugly’

Obama  Admin. Let Grenades Walk In Fast And Furious, Documents Show

Obama’s EPA Official Brags How They ‘Crucify’ Big Oil Companies

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tries To Explain Why Senate
Democrats Haven’t passed Budget In 1,091 Days

More Debbie: Americans Really Don’t Care About The Budget “Process”

Dem Senator: We Could Save The Post Office With Wind Farms

Miss Gov. Says Left’s Mission Is To Abort Children

Big Labor Tramples Employee Rights

Democrats Have Nothing To Offer But Fear Itself

Texas Dem Charged With Barratry

ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama Admin Suspends Deportation Of 17,000 Illegals

Obama’s Cure For Illegal Immigration Worse Than The Disease

Supreme Court Casts Doubt On Obama’s Immigration Law Claim

Obama Lawyer: Arizona Law Will Result In ‘Mass Incarceration, ’
Causing ‘Significant Foreign Relations Problems’

Barack Obama

Obama: Jon Stewart More Credible Than News Program

Obama Blasts Rush Limbaugh And Grover Norquist In Rolling Stone Interview

Obama Slow Jams Republican-Bashing

Obama’s Rent-A-Thugs Storm Banks In New Shakedown

President Misrepresents Own Debt

Not A Campaign Event:
Obama Tells Students To ‘Google’ GOP Congresswoman

Democrat-Activist Media

Matthews: Romney’s Youth Vote Comes From Corrupt Business Students

Correspondents’ Dinner Headliner Kimmel Insists:
‘It’s Hard To Make Fun’ Of ‘Cool Character’ Obama

NBC’s ‘Today’ Spends More Than 11 Minutes Fawning
Over Obama Late Night Comedy And College Tour


UK: Pregnant Woman Honor Murdered By Her Husband
(Arranged Marriage), His Parents And His Brother-In-Law