Must Know Headlines


Want To Know Just How Close The Muslim Brotherhood
Is To The Obama Admin?

Georgetown Rejects Sandra Fluke, No Birth Control Policy Change

May Day Mayhem On Its Way

Chicago Teacher: NRA Wants ‘Porch Monkeys’ To ‘Die’

Bribe The Vote

1 In 2 New Graduates Are Jobless Or Underemployed
(And The Idiots Will Still Vote For Obama)

Obama Doesn’t Deserve The Student Vote

 Senate Dems Offset Cost Of Student Loan Bill With
Higher Taxes On Small Business

CNN Host Gasps After Student Who Took Picture
With Obama Refuses To Say She’ll Vote For Him

Obama, WH Officials Visit More Than 130 Schools In
Massive Year-Long Campaign For Youth Vote

DUMB & DUMBER: Obama Speaks To College Students At A Sixth-Grade Level

Democrats Intentionally Wrote Law To Make Student
Loan Interest Rates Double In Election Year

Boehner: Obama Creating ‘Fake Fight’ Over Student Loan Rates

Obama Advocates Keeping Tuition Costs Down
At University Offering Class On ‘Disney’s Women And Girls’

Barack Obama

Obama’s Biggest Donor Under Investigation

Obama Hits 2 Reelection Fundraisers Today

How Obama Shares His ‘Anti-Anglo’ Father’s Dreams

Trayvon/Zimmerman Case

Blood On Media’s Hands: Motivated By Media Lies
About George Zimmerman, A Hate Crime Occurs In Chicago

Second Producer Fired In Zimmerman 911 Call Edit

ILLEGAL Immigration

Judge Wants Definition Of ‘Natural Born Citizen’ 

Justices Not Buying Administration’s Immigration Enforcement Supremacy Bid


Sixty-Million Dollar Union Assault On Wisconsin Governor Walker

Union Says Right-To-Work Makes Us Slaves,
But Forced Dues No Big Deal

Woman Who Publicly Thanked Obama For Helping Her Obtain Health
Insurance Through Obamacare Is Actually Covered Through A State Program

Pelosi: GOP Attempt To Gut Public Health “Slush Fund”
Is “Another Assault On Women’s Health

Marion Barry  (D) Won’t Apologize For Comments On Asians, Filipino Nurses

Democrat-Activist Media

Doing His Bidding:
New Obama Ad Features MSNBC Host’s Anti-Romney Rant

Will the Media Carry Obama To Victory In November?

PBS Host Tavis Smiley Goes On Tax-Funded
Radio To Slam Romney’s ‘Callousness’ On The Poor

NBC’s Curry: It’s ‘Fundamentally Unfair’ Some Have More Money

Drive-By Media Can’t Spin Unemployment Numbers Anymore

“60 Minutes” Abets PA Incitement

NPR Brings In Democrat Author To Trash Jerry Falwell
For Ruining Christianity & Politics


Muslims Bomb Outside Soccer European Champions
League Semi-Final And Shoot Up Christian Village