Media Matters Is A Left-Wing Political Operation Created To Censor Conservative Media Through Blacklisting & Intimidation Of Advertisers


Rush Limbaugh:

Their model is to create and distribute untrue statements about conservative media, and then use threats of boycotts and business interference to demand that advertisers repudiate programs they target.

Founded by David Brock, Media Matters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, amidst a growing recognition that its true purpose is political, and increasing demands for it to be treated as a taxable entity in accordance with that.

Overview: The True Story of Media Matters for America…

National Review: The Real Media Matters by Byron York – 10.04.07 The origins of Media Matters for America and the big Democrat party donors who helped Media Matters founder David Brock bring it to life.

Daily Caller: Media Matters’ Targets Revealed: Business, Wealth, Christianity by Vince Coglianese – 04.16.12 Daily Caller obtains IRS documents in which Media Matters for America lists enemies.

IRS Document Obtained by Daily Caller – 04.16.12 Read for yourself the actual 1023 form filed by Media Matters for America.

CBN News: Media Matters’ Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed by Erick Stakelbeck – 04.20.12 A look at Media Matters for America’s targeting of people of faith.

Slate: David Brock, Liar by Timothy Noah – 03.27.02 Liberal publication takes a look at the Media Matters for America founder, David Brock and his history of lying.

Fox News: What’s Eating David Brock? by Dr. Keith Ablow – 02.17.12 Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow looks into the pathology behind the bizarre behavior of Media Matters for America founder David Brock.

Daily Caller: Inside Media Matters: Sources, Memos Reveal Erratic Behavior, Close Coordination with White House and News Organizations -02.12.12 Daily Caller exposes how Media Matters works with the White House and coordinates with news organizations to take down conservative voices. Also detailed is the paranoid nature of Media Matters for America’s founder David Brock.

Ricochet: Some Explosive Revelations About Media Matters by Tim Groseclose – 02.14.12 List of disturbing facts about Media Matters for America’s tactics, behavior and goals.

American Spectator: The Plot to Get Rush by Jeffrey Lord– 03.27.12 Examination of the Media Matters for America plot to drive Rush from the air through the Stalinist intimidation of advertisers, including a look into the background of Angelo Carusone, Director of Online Strategy for Media Matters for America.

American Spectator: Is Media Matters Obama’s Watergate? by Jeffrey Lord– 02.21.12 Comparison between the Obama White House coordination with Media Matters to destroy opponents and the infamous Nixon enemies list.

Legal Insurrection: Media Matters Astroturfed the Limbaugh Secondary Boycott by William A. Jacobson -03.15.12 Angelo Carusone, Director of Online Strategy for Media Matters for America, fabricates a boycott to intimidate Rush Limbaugh advertisers and feed the media a false narrative.

Frontpage Magazine: Media Matters: Hillary’s Lap Dogs by John Perazzo -07.10.07 How Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the Center for American Progress created Media Matters with the goal of stifling conservative speech.

Frontpage Magazine: The Desperation of Media Matters by Ben Shapiro -07.21.11 A look into the fraudulent nature of Media Matters for America’s tax-exempt status.


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