Obama & Democrats Backed Occupier Strikes Female Officer In Head From Behind


Breitbart TV:

A video uploaded to YouTube shows an Occupy protester on May Day in Los Angeles hitting a female LAPD officer in the back of the head with a drum.

The man in black walks past the officer nonchalantly and then strikes when her back is turned. The two-armed blow to the head by the much heavier protester causes the officer to pitch forward. By the time she recovers her balance, the cowardly assailant has run off.

The only description provided with the clip simply says “Protestor strikes officer with a drum.” However, the clip has been tagged with the words “occupy,” “may day,” and “los angeles.” A closeup still image of the drum scum appears above.

Apparently, this was not the only attack on a female LAPD officer yesterday. Another officer was hit in the head with a skateboard, denting her helmet. She was taken to the hospital and, fortunately, her injuries are not life-threatening.



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