16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Bridge-Bomb Suspect Signed Occupy Lease:
‘If This Gets Into The Media, It Would Be A Disaster’

 British Media Provides Better Obama Coverage
Than American Mainstream Media

Empowering “Julia” Through Conservative Solutions

Allen West Hits Obama, Highlights Black Unemployment

Attorney In Hijab Defends Call For Other Women
At 9/11 Hearing To Wear  ‘Appropriate’ Clothing

More Than 50,000 People Have Been Killed In
Mexico’s War On Drugs Since December 2006


Occupy Pic Of The Day: The Cop-Killing Unicorn

‘Not Really Set Up To Cover the Extreme Left’: Southern Poverty Law
Center Explains Why it Doesn‘t Track Occupy As A ’Hate Group’

ILLEGAL Immigrants

Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Getting Bigger Tax Refunds Than You

PART 1: IRS Loophole Gives 4 Billion In Tax Dollars To Illegal Immigrants

PART 2: IRS Loophole Gives 4 Billion in Tax Dollars to Illegal Immigrants

Barack Obama

General: Obama Knew Bin Laden Hideout Since Summer 2010

Obama Kicks Off His Campaign To Half Empty Arena

71 Percent of Top Companies Could Drop Insurance Under Obamacare

Obama Abolishes The Press Conference

Pro-Life Advocates Arrested At White House Backing Chen Guangcheng 

Democrat-Activist Media

Top Obama Super PAC Donor Maher:
Republican Women Are Morons Who Support Incest And Rape

MSNBC Panel Determines Republican Brains Inferior To Liberal

MSNBC Expert: Ryan Budget Would Kill Imaginary Woman

Paul Krugman: Now Is The Time For Government To Increase Spending!

A Setup? CNN’s Pathetic Excuse For A “Voter Suppression” Segment

Brokaw: White House Correspondents’ Dinner Hurting The Press 

NY Times Goes Hunting For Racist ‘Ultraconservatives’
In Ohio Who Won’t Support  Obama

Dan Rather Is Impressed With Obama’s Foreign Policy

SNL  Mocks Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends’

MSNBC Hypes Ron Reagan To Trash GOP As A ‘Haven For Bigots’


UN Wants The U.S. To Return Land To Indian Tribes


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