Must Know Headlines


Covering Up Obama Scandals

US Secretly Releasing Taliban Fighters, Report Says

O’s Israel Basher Bundler

Occupy Cleveland Hails New Black Panther

Frank Gaffney: We’re Ignoring The ‘Civilization Jihad’
Being Waged By The Muslim Brotherhood

France Lurches Even Farther Left: Socialist Victor Over
Sarkozy Promises A Spending And Tax Onslaught

Barack Obama

Obama Campaign Office Staff Lacks Racial Diversity,
May Violate Civil Rights Law

France’s New Socialist President Gets
Swift Invitation To The White House

ObamaCare Left Out Of New Obama Ad
About First Term Accomplishments

Obama Officials Drafted Memo To Blame Military
If OBL Mission Failed (Video)

Obama Hollows Out Military:
Tanks For The Memories

More Hope & Change… Obama Abandons US Consulate
In Afghanistan – It’s Too Dangerous


Gaffe-Prone Biden Strikes Again:
Calls Mitt ‘President Romney’ And Obama ‘President Clinton’

Hillary’s Embarrassment In Beijing

Democrat- Activist Media

Soledad O’Brien’s Fake Navy Seal

MSM On Fast And Furious: Slow And Spurious

NBC Mocks Fox News, Ignores Obama, OWS Violence

New York Times Coverage Of Israel:
What Comes After Ridiculously Biased?

Bozell Reacts To Chris Matthews’s Ludicrous
Obama/Henry V Comparison on Hannity’s ‘Media Mash’  


The Drug Cartels Keep Arizona’s Border Wide Open

Chrystia Freeland On Ann Romney:
‘Michelle Obama Gets Bashed If She Wears  Expensive Clothes’