Must Know Headlines


Why So Many Americans Still Don’t Know Much
Of Anything About Barack Obama

Obama’s Literary Agent Says He Was ‘Born In Kenya’.
How Did The Mainstream Media Miss This?  

#Occupy Protesters Taunt Police:
“You Wanna Suck My Dick, F*ggots?” (Video)

Film About Bin Laden Raid Set To Open Weeks Before The Election

Student To Go Back To China: No Jobs Here

Castro’s Activist Daughter Granted U.S. Visa: Sen. Rubio
Says She’s An “Arm” Of The Cuban Regime


Chicago Braces For Leftist Violence And Mayhem

Uniformed Military Banned From Downtown Chicago During NATO


Union Bullying In Las Vegas

GM’s Bailout Bucks: Automaker Gave Seven Figures
To Dem Lobbyists After Bailout

Dem Senators Propose ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ In Response To
Facebook Founder Renouncing Citizenship

Joe Biden Goes Nuts In Ohio

Democratic Rep: GOP Hates Women And Diversity You Know

Obama Campaign Video Features Planned Parenthood Prez

Barack Obama

Hard To Believe Obama Didn’t Approve Literary
Agent Listing Him As Born In Kenya

Obama’s Lit Agency Used ‘Born In Kenya’ Bio Until 2007

Arizona Secretary Of State Threatens To Remove Obama From Ballot

Obama Lies About Reagan Endorsing Buffett Rule

Media Teams With Obama Campaign To Intimidate Super PAC

Video: 7 Times In 2008 Obama Promised To Create 7 Million New Jobs

Democrat-Activist Media

Koch Attorney Slams Bashir: ‘Way Your Network’ Treated Us
‘Led To Death Threats Against Our Owners’

Comedy Central’s Lament: Conservatives Are Ruining Twitter

Obama ‘Kenya’ Lit Booklet Raises Question Media Refuses To Ask

Obama’s Media Enforcers

Chris Matthews Slimes Romney:
Bringing Up Rev. Wright Is Mocking ‘Black History  Month’

Networks Ignore Embarrassing Political Defeat For
Obama: 99-0 Defeat Of President’s Budget

MSNBC‘s Bashir Slams Mormonism’s ‘Racially-Segregated’ History &
Defends Obama Against Black Liberation Theology Claims

MTV Bows To Obama

How The History Channel Transformed Into Conspiracy Theory Central

Kathy Griffin Aims Vulgar Name-Calling at ABC’s Hasselbeck


Malik Ali Brings The Crazy To Irvine Speech