Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines


30 Worst Months Of Employment In Past 25 Years Under Obama

Obama Spending Record

Life In The  Obama Economy:
The Youngest Generation Is Hit The Hardest

Day Three: Outrage Over 72 Hours Of Network Silence On
Catholic Lawsuit Spreads To Other Christian Leaders

Barack Obama

Obama Campaign Amasses Hecklers For Romney Visit To Black Area

Obama Campaign Says He Has No Intention Of Giving
Back Donations He Took From Bain Executives

Obama’s Latest Campaign Angle: I’ve Been Saving
America From Wild Republican Debts

Barack Obama: The Spending King


Judicial Watch Obtains DOD And CIA Records
Detailing Meetings With Bin Laden Raid Filmmakers

Larry Flynt: ‘President Obama Has Overperformed … Done A Marvelous Job’

Four Big Problems With Obama’s Energy Subsidy Push

Democrat Party

You Know Who Else Is A ‘Vampire’ Capitalist?
The Co-Chair Of Obama’s Reelection Campaign

Prominent Democrats Remain Quiet In The Face
Of Obama’s Private Equity Onslaught

Obama DOJ Forces University To Allow Biological Male Into Female Restrooms

Elizabeth Warren Stonewalls Reporter on Why She Claimed Minority Status

Democrat-Activist Media

Catholic Leaders Outraged Over Media Silence On HHS Mandate Lawsuits

Matthews Not Thrilled with Right-Wing “Jackasses”

Jon Stewart Way Back In 2000: ‘I’m A Socialist’
And No One Would Think I’m ‘Far Right’

Media Ignores Obama’s Failing Focus On Liberal Social Issues


Texas Man Gets 20 Years For Aiding Al-Qaida

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