Must Know Headlines


Private Jobs Down 4.6 Million From January 2008; Federal Jobs Up 11.4%

Don’t Be Fooled, The Obama Unemployment Rate Is 11%

Obama Suing Florida – And Vice Versa – Over Voter Registration

CBC Staff: Opposition To Obama Is Racist

Obama Releases Early Radio Ad Pandering To Black Voters

Barack Obama

Obama: Too Busy For Wis. Recall,
Not Too Busy To Attend 160 Campaign Fundraisers

Obama Says He Doesn’t Believe Businesses
Who Say They Are Being Hurt By Obamacare

President Obama, Spender In Chief

Obama Gives $446 Million To ACORN Veteran

Obama’s Chicago Billionaire Donors Get Deal;
Depositors Get ‘Stiffed Again’

Asked About 15 Percent Unemployment,
Obama Talks Up Green Energy

Obama To Blame for Americans’ 39% Drop In Wealth


Netroots Nation Panel Gives Women Having Abortions Standing Ovation

Obama Administration Denies Veterans Access To
Vietnam Memorial On Memorial Day (Video)

White House Blames Press For Obama ‘Just Fine’ Gaffe

Democrat-Activist Media

Reporter To Obama: You Should Be On American Idol

After Obama Screws Up, Mark Halperin Wants A Truce On “Gaffes”

NYT Prints Democrat Leaks To Make Democrat
Look Good, GOP Leaks To Make GOP Look Bad

NBC’s Curry Argues Obama’s ‘Fine’ Gaffe ‘Taken Out of Context’

Cher’s Latest Twitter Attack: Romney Supporters Too White, Not Gay