Must Know Headlines


Where’s The Media Outrage Over Team Obama’s National Security Leaks?

Monthly Federal Deficit Doubles, Nears $1 Trillion

Government Report: As A Result Of Obamacare Health Care
Spending Will Be $478 Billion Higher Over Next Decade


Obama’s Justice Department Sues Florida Over
Effort To Purge Voter Rolls Of Non-Citizens

Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections
In Florida In Vast Numbers

Gov. Rick Scott: Not One Person Who Is Eligible To Vote
 Has Been Kicked Off Florida’s Voter Rolls


AFL-CIO To Fight Voter ID Laws

President Obama and Richard L. Trumka, AFL-CIO President

Union Aims To Organize The Unemployed

 Chicago Teachers Union Demands 30 Percent Pay Raise

Labor Unions Are Not Dead, They Are Reloading While FORCING Dues

Delphi Retirees Break Through Obama Stonewall On UAW Bailout

Eric Holder

 Holder: ‘I Stuck By My Guns’

Holder Refuses To Provide Testimony In
Kagan’s Involvement In Obamacare

NBC Nightly News Devotes Mere Seconds
To First-Ever Mention Of Fast And Furious

 Barack Obama

Tax-Exempt Media Matters Ramps Up Support
For Obama During Election Year

Obama Fundraiser Provided PR Boost To Brutal Dictator

President Kardashian Strikes Again:
Obama Wants You To Pick His Next Celebrity Pal

 Obama’s Hope … And Climate Change

House Stops Obama Admin From Funding Illegal Immigrants’ Abortions

The Obama Administration’s Genocide Denial

Democrat-Activist Media

Joy Behar Quips She‘d Like To See Romney’s House ‘Burn’:
‘Who’s He Going To Call, The Mormon Fire Patrol?’

Mika Brzezinski: ‘I’m Hoping’ Blaming Bush Will Work

Joe Scarborough To Those Calling RINO Jeb Bush A RINO:
‘Just Shut The Hell Up,’ You’re Not Future Of The GOP

Lib Media: Americans Are Racist Especially When It Comes To Politics

Andrea Mitchell Addresses Romney Campaign
Advisor As “You People” [VIDEO]

CNN Mocks Texas Town For Backing Father Who Killed Pedophile

Chelsea’s Got Talent – Flacking For The Islamophobia Industry