Must Know Headlines


 Homeland Security-Funded Study Pushing Tea Party Terrorism Narrative

Auto Bailout Or UAW Bailout? Taxpayer Losses
Came From Subsidizing Union Compensation

 Taxpayers Funding More Than $1B In Free Cellphones

Report: Solyndra Lied About Number Of Lay-Offs

Planned Parenthood Sells Tax-Funded Sex-Selection Abortions

Gov. Scott: Pulling Noncitizens From Voter Rolls ‘No Purge’

Communist Defector Speaks Out On America’s Marxist Future


Holder Appoints Obama Donor To Investigate White House Leaks

Obama DHS Refused Rick Scott’s Initial Request To
Cross Reference Voter/Immigration Info

School Principal Doesn’t Want Kids
‘Exposed’ to Conservative Speaker

Tardy Clintons Miss Peres Medal Of Honor Award

Panic! Democrats Realize Obama Can Lose

Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews To Warren (D): Let Me Help You With This To The Extent
I Can As A Journalist—It’s Bush’s Fault & GOP Competitor Is An Elitist

George W. Bush‘s Severed Head Appears On Spike
In Scene From HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’

NBC Reports Demand For Holder Resignation … But Not Why

Networks Spike 164 Religious Freedom Rallies Against Obamacare Mandate

WashPost Lets Tim Kaine Claim Bush Years Had
‘Massive Deficits’ — Compared To Obama’s?

The Media’s Little Bubble Of Ignorance

Media Scorched For Pathetic Obama Coverage

Barack Obama

 Barack Obama To Supporters:
Don’t Trust “Facts And Figures” (Video)

Obama: ‘This Notion That We Somehow Caused
The Deficits Is Wrong, It’s Just Not True!’

Obama Fundraises With Syria Propagandist Wintour

One More Dubious Story In The Obama Family Saga

Obama: Barbershops A ‘Good Place’ For Dispensing Fathering Advice