Must Know Headlines


Five Devastating Effects Obamacare Will Have On Young Adults

EPA Science Writer Celebrates Andrew Breitbart’s Death

France Now Officially A Socialist State, Sweeping Election Victory
Gives Them Absolute Majority In Parliament Along With Presidency

Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory In Egypt Election

Barack Obama

Obama Tied To Architect Of U.S. Collapse: New Party Leader
Planned To Bring About ‘Crisis’ Of Overloaded Welfare State 

Obama Plays Golf For The 100th Time Of His Presidency

More Taxpayer Millions For Van Jones And His Nest Of Vipers

Obama Attends Private Wedding Of Adviser’s Daughter In Chicago,
Forces City To Divert 200 Police Officers In Midst Of Crime Wave

Obama’s Pre-Election Gift To Illegal Aliens

Obama: A Domestic Enemy Of  The U.S. Constitution

Democrat-Activist Media

Jon Stewart Mocks ‘Rich’ Romney While Outpacing Him In Wealth

Don Lemon Agrees With Sam Donaldson About Conservatives
Opposing Obama Simply Because He’s Black

Even When Attacking Obama, Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith
Protects Him–And The Mainstream Media

Sam Donaldson: Many on Right Oppose Obama Because He’s Black

‘Exhale’ Author Compares GOP To Hitler

Nigerian Violence: AP, Reuters Won’t Label
Boko Haram a Muslim Terrorist Group


Tell On Me’: Israeli Music Video Satirizes White House Role
In National Security Leaks Controversy

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