Must Know Headlines


White House Salaries Released On Friday When No One Was Looking

Obama State Dept. Refuses To Explain How An Egyptian Terrorist
Gained Access To The White House

Christians Under Siege From Islamists

Iran: There Will Be War – And We”ll Win…..
More Than 1,000 Ballistic Missiles Capable Of Reaching U.S. Bases

Barack Obama

Obama Contributor, Who Helped Enact Assault-Weapons Ban, Ran ‘Fast And Furious’

Top 10 Obama Power Grabs

Although My Green Policies Have Aggravated Colorado’s Wildfires,
It Is After All A Battleground State, So, For The Record, I’ve Got Their Back

Beck Reviews Obama’s Three-Plus ‘Years of Lies’

McConnell To Newsmax: Obama Using ‘Nixonian’ Tactics To Scare Off GOP Donors

Fast & Furious

Holder: No Executive Privilege For Texas Politicians

Secret Wiretaps Implicate Holder’s DOJ In ‘Fast And Furious’ Scandal

Playing The Race Card To Obscure Murder

Justice Won’t Prosecute AG Holder For Contempt



White House: ObamaCare Not A Tax

Obama “Truth Team” Sends Out Email: Obamacare Is Not A Tax – It’s A Penalty

What’s Wrong With ObamaCare? Here’s A Partial List

Free Care? Ha! Regime Threatens To Veto Defense Bill Because
It Doesn’t Hike Health Care Fees For Military

ObamaCare Ruling: Pure Fraud And No Due Process

 Join The Fight To Repeal Obamacare

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Skips Its Own Footage Of The Supreme Court
Contradicting Obama On Tax  Increase

ABC Cheers How ‘Statesman’ John Roberts ‘Saved’ Obamacare

Ben Smith Tips Media’s Hand: Now That Obama’s Won, Health Care Debate Is Over

Obama-Worshiping Actress Says She Breaks The Law To Support Obama