16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


IRS Busted For Fraud

Blood Money: Obama Contributor Ran Fast And Furious

Levin: Forget About Semantics On Whether Mandate Is A Tax.
Just Explain Why Obamacare Is A Disaster!

Obama Feds Label Liberty Lovers ‘Terrorists’ … Again!

New Zimmerman Evidence Removes Any Doubt:
George Zimmerman: Victim Of A Liberal Racist Lynch Mob

Dearborn Muslim Charged With Nine Counts Of Attempted Murder For
Trying To Kill Street Preachers Outside The Islamic Center Of America


Supreme Court Helps Obama Fulfill Dreams From His Communist Mentor

Except For MI’s GOP Gov. Rick Snyder,
GOP Governors Resisting Obama Health Care Law

Dems ‘Rapid Response’ Scrubbing Of YouTube Video
Calling ObamaCare “Tax Penalty”

Liberals Claim “ObamaTax” Punishes “Free Riders”

Chief Justice Roberts, Worst Flip-Flopper Ever

Can Government Now Tax Handgun Ammunition 10,000%?

Barack Obama

Allen West Calls Out Obama: “He Does Not Want You To
Self-Esteem… He’d Rather You Be His Slave” (Video)

Gov. Jindal: We Need To End Obama’s ‘Culture Of Dependence’

Obama Opposes Offshore Drilling On The Coasts

 Obama’s Amnesty Edict Set In Motion: Deportations Already Halted

Obama Schedule: Rest

Obama Administration’s Guinea Mining
Deal Hurts American Businesses

Obama Praised Private Equity When He Needed Cash


Israeli Officials Call Second Obama Term A “Nightmarish Scenario”

Obama Backs Israel-Bashing At The UN

Mitt Romney Heading To Israel


Video: Arkansas Dem. Tells ‘N***er Babies’ Story
To Prove ObamaCare Opponents Racist

U.S. Spends $6 Mil On Migrant Education

 Report: WH ‘Bullied’ Offshore Wind Farm Opponents Despite Safety Risks

Another California Town Files For Bankruptcy

8,733,461: Workers On Federal ‘Disability’
Exceed Population Of New York City

Democrat-Activist Media

Time’s Halperin Shills: ‘We Shouldn’t Be The Only’ Country
Without Govt. Run Health Care

CNN Contributor: Fast & Furious Deaths ‘Collateral Damage’

Obama Co-Chair Eva Longoria: There Is No Way Women Can Vote Republican

Huffington Post Mocks Republican Congresswoman
By Splicing Clip of Her With Orgasm Scene

CBS’s Whitaker Forwards New Mexican President Blaming U.S. For Guns In Mexico

NY Times: ‘The Avengers’ Just A ‘Bunch Of White Dudes’

CNN’s Candy Crowley Pushes White House Chief
Of Staff Over Executive Privilege Hypocrisy


Canadian Rapper Promotes Taliban With Government Money

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