Must Know Headlines


Five Major ObamaCare Taxes That Will Hit Your Wallet In 2013

Obamacare Weeper Tweeted Romney Should
Have Been Aborted, Is Obama’s ‘Best Fan’

Transportation Secretary (D) Praises Murderous Communists As “More Successful”

U.S. Navy Going Green, Spending Extra 622% to Use Chicken Fat Fuel

After Posting $70 Million Loss, French Company Lands $25 Million From DOE

Remember Fast And Furious’s Mexican Victims

Dumbest Protest Ever? Occupy Seattle Throws $5K Out Of Hotel Window

Justice Roberts May Not Be Finished Shocking Conservatives

Obama Nation

Look How Much Feds Pay To Monitor Media: Hillary Clinton’s
Office Hires Company To Keep Eye On Press In ‘No-Bid Contract’

Obama Visits Ohio Bar, Suggests They Turn Off Fox News

Valerie Jarrett Blames FOX News For Class Warfare Rhetoric

Barack Obama

Damage From Obama Will Be Lasting: Obama Ignored
Economy & Bipartisanship To Put U.S. On ‘New Foundation’

 Obama Admin Gave $98.5 Million To
Alternative Energy Company Now Going Belly-Up

Obama To Pakistan: So Sorry For Protecting Our Troops

 Turns Out Domestic Drones Navigated
By GPS Can Be Hijacked By Terrorists

Obama’s Problem Obeying The Law 

Obama Super PACs Spend More Money,
And Go More Negative, Than Romney’s

Crony Capitalism

 New Obama Planned Parenthood Funding Totals $1.2 Million

Administration Ignores State Wishes,
Sends $395K To Tenn. Planned Parenthood

Democrat-Activist Media

HBO Pulls Plug On Fox News CEO Pic

Politico Forgets To Mention Democrats Caused
Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Problem

Salon’s Joan Walsh Compares Drudge Report To KKK

Liberal Talk Show Host: I Hate This Godd–N Country

ABC Hyped Clinton’s Work To ‘Save A Continent,’ But Skipped Bush In Africa

AP Report Claims ‘Paychecks Are Barely Keeping
Pace With Inflation’; They’re Trailing Badly Obama Campaign Is “All Wet” On Romney Outsourcing Claims


Brad Pitt’s Mom Writes Anti-Obama Letter To Local Newspaper

 J. Christian Adams: Chris Rock And A Patriot’s Grave In Virginia