16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Generation Barack: Youth Unemployment Rate Soars To 16.8%

Energy Department Sneaks Offshore Moratorium Past Public

TSA Agents Laugh At Deaf Man, Call Him “F***ing Deafie,” Steal His Candy

Barack Obama

The Truth About How Obama Shipped The Recovery Overseas

If You Have An Income, Listen Very Carefully To Barack Obama

Obama Calls For Extension Of The Very Bush Tax Cuts
Which He Blames For His Economy

Obama’s Tax Hikes On Top 2% Will Kill Jobs

White House Says Obama Will Veto Any Bill That
Doesn’t Raise Taxes On Those Making Over $250K

Wealthy Socialite And Top Dem Donor Reportedly
Dumps U.S. Citizenship (And Tax Burden)

Obama ’09 – (VIDEO) You Don’t Raise
Taxes On Anyone During A Recession

Tavis Smiley: Obama Won’t Meet With Negroes Who Disagree With Him

Obama’s Pastor Of 20 Plus Years Goes On Racial Tirade


Anti-Romney Protest Led By Convicted Terrorist

 Arizona Democratic Candidate Wrongly Listed As Hispanic In Group Directory

 Alternator Belt Cut On Romney Bus

 Inherited Pension Debt From 2010 Already
Costing Virginia Taxpayers Billions

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Announces Tax Increase On Wealthy,
Fox News The Only One To Call It A Tax Increase

Black-On-Jewish Violence In The U.S.A.:
Where Is The Media?

CNN’s Costello Lets Liberal Guest Smear
Romney Without Proof Of Wrongdoing

MSM Continues To Carry Prez. Obama’s Water

‘Chorus Of Democrats’ And NBC Want To Make
Romney Wealth A ‘Central Issue’ In Campaign

With 100,000 Safe Gun Carries In Minnesota,
Journalist Worries About ‘Violence’


Violent Drive-By Black Flash Mob Leaves One Victim
With Broken Jaw –Charged With ‘Felony Mob Action’

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