Must Know Headlines


Homeland Security Gains More Power Through
New Obama Executive Order

NAACP Requires Photo I.D. To See Holder
Speak In State Being Sued Over Voter ID

White Liberals Tell Black Americans Who They Can And Can’t Like

CBO: The Wealthy Pay 70 Percent Of Taxes

Planned Parenthood Hit With $5.5 Billion Fraud Suit

Voices Without A Vote: Teenagers Speak Out
On The Importance Of Saving America

Barack Obama

Millionaires Employed At White House Would
See Tax Rate Fall Under Obama Proposal

Obama Tax Hike Would Slam 620,000 Small Businesses

Obama: “Not Fair” To Allow Catholic Hospitals Mandate Opt Out


Democrats Post Video Of GOP Candidates’ Homes On YouTube

Holder To NAACP: Texas Voter ID Law ‘Harmful’ To Minorities

Holder Compares Voter ID Laws To Jim Crow:
“We Call Those Poll Taxes”

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Criticized Romney’s Investments In
Swiss Banks While Invested In Swiss Banks, Foreign Drug Co.’s

Dems’ Phony Business Tax Cuts Won’t Boost Economy

US Government Study Says Muslim Terrorists Are Widely Misunderstood
They Aren’t “Aggressive Offensive Foe Seeking Domination


Unions Spent $4.4 Billion On Politics Since 2005

AFL-CIO Goes All-In With Occupy

ILLEGAL Immigration

‘Securing America’s Borders’: Obama Admin.
Closing 9 Border Patrol Stations Across 4 States

State Bill Will Allow Police To Blow Off Fed Immigration Laws

ICE Chief Says Suspension of Immigration
Enforcement Program In Arizona Was ‘Not Political’


NY Times Goes Apoplectic Over Legal
Validation Of Jewish Settlements

Obama State Dept Excludes Israel From Counterterrorism Forum

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Will Ignore Obama’s Five Major Broken Promises

MSNBC Continues To Trash Romney

New York Times Again Falsely Claims Audience
Shouted ‘Let Him Die!’ During GOP Debate

New TNT Series ‘Perception’ Calls
Bush A Liar In Very First Episode

ABC Finally Notices Obama’s Sketchy
Attack Ads Against Romney’s ‘Outsourcing’

James Earl Jones: I Understand Tea Party Racism
Because My Grandma Taught Me To Be Racist


Balancing Budget At Current Spending
Would Take Record High Taxation

The Student Loan Bubble Looks Like “Déjà Vu”