Must Know Headlines


DOJ Witness Can Fly To Washington, But Can’t Get Voter ID

 Government Purchases Of GM Vehicles Rose A Whopping 79% In June

Occupy Group Advises Firebombing Police Officers During RNC

 USDA Uses Spanish Soap Operas To Push Food Stamps
Among Non-Citizens, Citizens [AUDIO]

Border Insecurity: Heavily-Armed Texas Gunboats
Now Patrolling The Rio Grande

Black Conservative Kira Davis’ Message To Rep.Cleaver
That Was NOT Pre-Approved By The NAACP


Republicans Dominate “America’s Top State For Business” List

Romney’s Stand And The Left’s Destruction Of The Black Community

Something You May Not Know About The Extension Of The Bush Tax Rates

Mitt Romney VS Free Stuff

Barack Obama

Open-Border President Swings Open The Floodgates

Obama Spending $30M On Struggling Schools – In Arab Kingdom

Obama’s DHS Continues To Target Conservatives
& Liberty Lovers As Terrorists (Video)

Top Obama Fundraiser Explodes Over Campaign’s Class Warfare,
But He Is Still Going To Vote For Obama

Obama’s Broke Brother To Appear In ‘2016’ Documentary


Without Change In The White House, US Will End Up Like Greece

GE Primestar: Another DOE-Touted Solar Plant Fails

Rep. Cleaver (D) Says Romney Shouldn’t Criticize
Obama In Front Of ‘A Crowd Like That’ (BELOW)

 Biden Plays the Race Card In Vegas

Nancy Pelosi Made Between $1-5 Million On Asian Investments In 2011
But Attacks  Mitt Romney’s Investments

Sherrod Brown’s Coal Assault

Pelosi Cuts Off Question About Free Sterilization Mandate;
Says: ‘Let’s Go To Church And Talk About Our Religion’

GOP Gets Democrat Support In Bid To Kill 2,700 Page Health Law
That No Congressman Or The President Read In Full

Hugo Chavez

Obama Sends Another Hug To Hugo

Gov. Romney Counters Obama Support Of Hugo Chavez

Venezuela And Chavez: President Obama
Should Read His Intelligence Brief

Democrat-Activist Media

Lapdog Media Play Up NAACP Boos For Romney,
Ignore Applause For Support Of Traditional Marriage

Name That Party: Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel Neglects
Specifics Of Illegal Teachers Union Contributions

AP Accuses Conservatives Of Blocking Business

NY Times Depicts Olmert As Peace Maker, Bibi As
Peace-Wrecker; Abbas Gets Off Scot Free

Special Edition: Still Slobbering Over Barack Obama


 Judicial Watch Sues Federal Reserve For Records
Detailing U.S. Taxpayer Bailout Of European Banks