Must Know Headlines


Republicans Sound Free-Speech Warning
As Senate Democrats Bring Back DISCLOSE Act

The New American Food-Stamp Plantation: Star Parker
Reveals High Rate Of Growth In Program Feds Claim Isn’t ‘Welfare’

Mark Levin Calls For Impeachment Of HHS Kathleen
Sebelius For Unlawfully Gutting Welfare Reform

Rush Baby: Environmentalist Wacko Speaker
Tried To Brainwash Me In Homeroom

Liberal California’s Foreclosure Rate Leads Country

Mitt Romney

Now It’s Personal: Romney Goes Toe-To-Toe With Obama Over Bain Attacks

Romney Demands Apology For Obama Campaign’s ‘Felon’ Lie

CNN: Two “Active” Obama Supporters At Bain Confirm Romney Left In 1999

Barack Obama

Obama Excuses Chavez While American Rots In Cuba

Obama Closing Nine Patrol Stations Signals More Lax
Immigration Enforcement From The Administration

Oops! Obama Tells Supporters To Get Medical Help From ‘Paralegals’

Obama Signs Executive Order For More Control
Of Communications In Times Of Emergency

Obama To Spend Four Days Campaigning Next Week


NAACP Furthers Mission Of KKK

It Begins: Dem Super PAC Launches Site To Vet GOP VP Picks

Team Obama Backtracks – Now Says Billions Spent On
Green Projects Weren’t Meant To Create Jobs (Video)

Will Harry Reid Also Demand The Dems Burn
Ralph Lauren’s Campaign Donations?

America The Racist’: The Left’s Familiar Refrain

Public School Offers Open Jar Of Free Indian-Made Condoms–To Kids 12+

Obama Supporters

More Than 20 People’ Faint During Obama Speech

29-Years Old: Paid Member Of Team Obama Drops Dead At Chicago HQ

Democrat-Activist Media

Soledad O’Brien Thinks Obama — Not Governors — Should Get
Credit for States With Low Unemployment

Media Cooperates With Obama’s Desperately Sleazy Campaign

Ex-Time’s Carlson: Romney ‘Wanted The Boos’ from NAACP, ‘So Proud of Them’

MSNBC: Romney Spoke To NAACP To Appeal To Racists


Another U.N. Convention That Poses Threats To U.S. Sovereignty

Teen Murdered After Rejecting Boyfriend’s Abortion Request