Must Know Headlines


Sheriff Joe Nabs 19 Illegals In Two Days,
Despite Obama’s Attempts To Shut Him Down

Top 10 Obamacare Taxes Coming Your Way

Americans Finish Paying Cost Of Government Today

Romney: ‘I Hope To Represent … Every Race, Creed And Sexual Orientation’

Taking Down The Second Amendment: The Connection
Between Fast And Furious And The Trayvon Martin Case

Barack Obama

Obama Slips Up At VA Rally: ‘If You’ve Got Health
Insurance, You’re Not Getting Hit By A Tax’

Obama Drops Nearly $100 Million On Negative Attacks
Ads Against Romney In Battleground States

Obama Unloads Vicious Attack Ad: Romney ‘The Problem’ With America

Obama Overturns Congress & The Law Again –Guts Federal Work
Requirements From Clinton Era Welfare Reform

Obama Doesn’t Believe Romney Bain Claim

Obama Reminds Business Owners, ‘You Didn’t Build That’

Obama Fails To See “Serious Impact” Of Hugo Chavez

Flying Pigs Alert: Pro-Pot Publication Praises Bush; Slams Obama


Hillary Clinton Pledges U.S. Support For Newly-Elected
Government In Meeting With Egypt’s Islamist President

Obama Camp Misspells Israel On Invitations To Jewish Americans

Obama’s Interior Department Still Going Rogue

Did Looming Indictment Trigger Jackson Jr.’s “Mood Disorder”?

Obama Attacks Whitey: “Don’t Listen To Your ‘Uncle Jim’
That Watches Fox News” (Video)

Democrat-Activist Media

PBS’s Mark Shields Cracks Romney Has A Strength:
He Sure Knows How To Evade  Taxes

Networks Lead With Calling Obama’s Tax Hike A ‘Tax Cut’

NYT’s Timothy Egan: ‘People Who Like Sex…Believe In Science’ Won’t Vote For Romney

Buzzfeed Misleads On Job Loss Of U.S. Merchant Marines

Hysterical Hollywood: Roseanne Says Romney
Will Bring Back The Confederacy And End All Elections

Mormons Lash Out At ‘Tasteless’ Businessweek
Cover That Mocks The Church’s Financial Enterprises