Must Know Headlines


Caught On Video: Democrat Loses It On Tea Partiers 

Obama Allies Suspend Romney’s Ad “Political Payoffs
 And Middle Class Layoffs” From YouTube

News You Might Have Missed From The Pentagon’s Iran Report

Sheriff Joe Challenges George Lopez: ‘Get Some Guts,
Come Down Here And Meet Me Face To Face’

 Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Given A Stay From Deportation
Despite Criminal Fugitive Status And DUI

Barack Obama

Obama Misses New Budget Deadline

Obama Hits 4 Reelection Fundraisers Today

Obama Will Not Attend AIDS Conference,
But He Totally Supports Gay Rights

Rush Limbaugh: Obama “Hates This Country”

While Living It Up At Basketball Game,
Crowd Boos Obamas For Defying Kiss Cam

Obama’s Budget Director A Bain Guy, Married A Bain Gal

 Obama’s Socialist Mantra: Risk Takers Are Free Riders

 Why Obama’s College Records Matter


Axelrod Demands Romney Denounce Rush Limbaugh
For Saying Obama “Hates This Country”

Obama Donors With Soros Ties Plot To Use
Eminent Domain To Make Money

Energy Dept. ‘Unable To Locate’ $500,000
In Equipment Bought With Stimulus Money

Angry Old White Man Reid (D): ‘Angry Old White Men’ Trying To Buy Elections

Hillary Blames Israel For Middle East Woes

Surprise: Democrats Threaten “Fiscal Cliff” If GOP Doesn’t Cave On Tax


Speaking Of Felonies: The White House And The Sestak ‘Bribe’

Since The Obama Campaign Wants To Talk Felonies,
How About We Talk About Obama’s Buddy Tony Rezko?

Democrat-Activist Media

NY Times Downplays Former Obama Fundraiser Penny Pritzker’s Problems

HBO‘s ’The Newsroom‘ Attacks Rush Limbaugh As A ’Liar’:
Rush Responds And We Expose The Show’s Shaky Evidence

Why The Mass Media’s Best Effort To Understand
Obama’s Failure To Make Israel-Palestinian Peace Fails

Sarah Silverman Offers Sex Act To Romney Supporter
Sheldon Adelson If He Backs Obama Instead

How NBC News, Dave Weigel Protect Obama
From Romney’s New Line Of Attack

New Name But Same Bias At


‘Just No Good News at All’: Retail Sales Fall As Economy Weakens

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