Must Know Headlines


Another Obama-Funded “Green” Energy Company Bites The Dust:
Amonix Solar Closes After Receiving $15.6 Million DOE Grant

How The Democratic Media Spin The News

New Housing Plan Reeks Of Crony Capitalism

Washington State Introduces Voter Registration Through Facebook

Border Patrol Agents Ordered To Run, Hide From Shooters

Has Your City Been Infiltrated By Mexican Drug Cartels? Find Out Here

 Occupy ‘Welcoming Committee’ Promises Violence At RNC

Federal Judge Imposes Racial Quota On FDNY,
Responding to Minorities Who Failed Entrance Exams

Barack Obama

Obama Ends Welfare Reform As We Know It,
Calls for $12.7 Trillion In New Welfare Spending

 Obama Believes Success Is A Gift From Government

Obama’s Swing State Strategy: Take Credit For GOP Accomplishments

Obama Nation: Americans Joining Disability
Now Outpacing Americans Finding Jobs

Obama Doodles During “Important International Meetings”

Obama Email: 51st B-Day Party ‘So Cool You’re Almost Jealous Of Yourself’

Star Of Obama Ad Changes Tune: He’s A ‘Jerk’

Video: Smartest President In History Calls The Internet The “Internate”

The Communist. Frank Marshall Davis:
The Untold Story Of Barack Obama’s Mentor


DNC Chief: Sure, Romney Could Be A ‘Felon’

‘Middle Class’ DNC Chief Took $30K Vacation Cruise,
Owns Second Home In New Hampshire

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm… Black Singing Group With No Jobs & Plenty
Of Time Releases “Do It Again” For Team Obama (Video)

Chuck Schumer: There Should Be Limits To The First Amendment

  Michelle Obama Lauded Bain Capital-Backed Child Care Company In 2011

Sheldon Adelson Threatens Libel Lawsuit Against DCCC

Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews: Obama Is The Perfect American
And Those Who Say Otherwise Are Racists

Charlie Rose Boosts ‘Enormously Successful’ ObamaCare
 In Softball Interview Of President, Mrs. Obama

 Charles Blow: Mitt Romney ‘Is Not A Person’
– ‘Just A Robot’ With ‘Not Even A Heart’

Media Ignore Sheriff Joe’s Evidence, Shoot Messenger

David Axelrod Spins “Felon Or Liar” Tactic About Romney On CNN


Romney Not Listed As Executive On Bain Capital Website In 2000

CAIR Chicago’s False Terror Equivalence

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