Must Know Headlines


Obama & Democrat Backed Occupier Pleads
Guilty In Plot To Blow Up Ohio Bridge

WSJ: Fed Officials Increasingly Likely To Intervene


Hey, Boston: Leave Chick-Fil-A Alone

Planned Parenthood Injures Another Woman In Botched Abortion

 Anaheim #ANACRIME: 4th Night Of Riots,
Tear Gas, Smashed Starbucks, Fire…And Fireworks

NYC: Black Male Crushes White Female Irish Tourist’s Skull With A Brick

Video Shows Enraged Man Attacking
U.S. Flag-Bearer During Obamacare Protest

Barack Obama

Obama Sets Drilling Limits, Continues War On Oil

Obama Thanks ‘Gay Porn Kingpin’ At Fundraiser

Obama’s New Immigration Policy Could Cost More Than $585 Million

Crony Capitalism And Obama’s Big New National Defense Idea

President Obama’s Trickle-Down Tyranny

Obama Says He Didn’t Say What He Said

Obama Keeps On Conning America

New Obama Ads Were Filmed Inside The White House


Huma Abedin And The Muslim Brotherhood: Closely Connected

New Video Exposes How Obama Administration
Is Entertaining Terrorists

Dianne Feinstein: On Second Thought, Forget What
I Said About Intel Leaks Coming From The White House

Obama Surrogate: Romney Tapping Racist Vote

 Surprise: ‘Ann Romney Horse’ Ad Still Active,
Despite DNC Pledge To Pull It

Michael Moore Makes Fun Of The Illiterate

Democrat-Activist Media

BuzzFeed Lies About Romney’s Past Support For National Security Leakers

NBC Uses Dem+11 Poll To Find Obama Up By 6

White Girl Bleed A Lot: Author Discusses The Return
Of Racial Violence And How The Media Ignores It

MSNBC’s Toure: Gun Control Comes Down To 
“Making Sure Law Abiding  White People
Have Access To Guns And That Black Criminals Do Not”

Chris Matthews Only Tells Half  The Story On Zell Miller

George Stephanopoulos of ABC News:
Political Hack Poses As Objective Journalist

ABC Goes To Bat For Obama:
GOP ‘Falsely’ Peddles President’s Gaffe

Andrea Mitchell Dismisses Romney VFW Reception:
It’s A ‘Very Conservative’ Group


Nearly One In 10 Employers To Drop Health Coverage

 Syrian Regime Uses Russian Jets To Bomb
Second City Aleppo From The Air