Clinton Campaign Pushed Journalist To Spread Fake News About President Trump

14 State Populations Were Miscounted In 2020 Census – Overcounting Heavily Favored Democrats

Shortage Of Paper For Election Materials Has Some Jurisdictions Scrambling, Witness Tells Congress

Durham: Clinton Campaign Lawyer Sought To ‘Use FBI’ To Spread False ‘Trump-Russia’ Claim

FLASHBACK: President Trump Says “I Caught The Swamp, I Caught Them All”

Woman Finds Box Of Mail-In Ballots On East Hollywood Sidewalk; LA County Registrar Investigating


Who Are The Real ‘Insurrectionists’? See Them In ‘2000 Mules’

NOTE TO STACEY ABRAMS – FIND A GOOD LAWYER: True the Vote Announces They Are Releasing Addresses of ALL Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses

Clinton Campaign ‘Just Made Stuff Up’ About Trump/Russia, Former FBI Intel Chief Says

George Soros Drops $1 Million Into Stacey Abrams’ Campaign For Georgia Governor


Durham: Fusion GPS Employees Emailed Reporters Unverified Dirt On Trump For Negative News Stories

Durham Drops Bomb: Lying Adam Schiff Was Involved In Russia Collusion Sham Way Back In July 2016

New Details From Durham Report Reveal Lawyers Tied To Hillary Campaign Spied On Trump WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT!

Major Durham Filing: CIA Called Clinton Campaign Attorney’s Anti-Trump Data ‘User Created’

FEC Fines Hillary Clinton Campaign, DNC For Trump Dossier Hoax

Durham Reveals That Michael Sussmann Also Lied To The CIA

Durham Bombshell: Prosecutor Unveils Smoking Gun FBI Text Message, ‘Joint Venture’ To Smear Trump


Stunning: Ballot Harvester Shaye Moss Receives John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Award

Raffensperger “Minimized’ Drop Box Issues To Help Establishment

True The Vote’s Engelbrecht: ‘Mules’ Went On Routes Trafficking Ballots ‘Repeatedly’ Ahead of the 2020 Election

New Dinesh D’Souza Documentary EXPOSES Ballot Harvesting In 2020 Election

Another Election Bombshell…Complaint Alleges Over 300K Ballots Unreliably Recorded In Georgia (Just Fulton County)

Former AG Barr Stopped Investigations Into Trailer Load Of 288,000 Ballots Into PA From New York In 2020 Election

Mayorkas Releases New Rules On Extremism – DHS Will Target Anyone Who Believes Election Was Stolen Or Who Challenged Fauci’s Everchanging COVID Narrative

Millions Of Dollars From Anonymous Donors Swamped Election Officials In Democrat-Heavy Counties In 2020

Zuckerberg Money Will No Longer Directly Influence Elections, But There’s A Horrible Catch


FBI Knowingly Ignored Massive Evidence Of Democrat Party Ballot Trafficking Operations In Every Major Battleground State — NOW They Dare Tweet On Election Integrity

Joe Biden Tells Room Filled With Democrats: “It’s About Who Gets To Count The Vote” [VIDEO]

Here Is Some Of The Evidence: Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists


Trump Lost AZ By 10,457 Votes But Look At Eerie Number Of AZ Federal-Only Voters Who Voted Without ID

Democrat Whistleblower Steps Forward: 35,000 “Fake Mail-In Ballots” In Pima County Alone; Letter Sent To DOJ

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: 100 Ballot Harvesters In PA Dump Votes In One Box In Just A Few Hours

Gableman Report Reveals ‘Private Contracts’ Are Blocking Transparency Of Election Data

The Real ‘Collusion’ Was The Creation Of ‘RussiaGate’ Out Of Absolutely Nothing

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Americans Would Be Horrified To Find Out The Many Ways The Election System Is ‘Rigged’

NYC Will Now Allow Non US Citizens To Vote In Elections

Election Officials Don’t Know What Happened To 15 Million Mail Ballots In 2020 Election


VoterGA Provides Conclusive Evidence Showing Fulton 2020 Election Results Were Electronically Manipulated

UNBELIEVABLE: Anti-Trump Democrat In Georgia ‘Suitcase Scandal’ Caught Running Same Batch Of Ballots Through Tabulator THREE TIMES! (VIDEO)

“Helped Biden Steal The 2020 Election”–Trump Releases Statement On Stacey Abrams


Election Fraud Updates

EXPLOSIVE: Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report On 2020 Foreign Election Interference, Mass Voter Fraud

Over 500 2020 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending In Texas Courts

Texas Audit Of 2020 Election Results Have Come In — It’s So Bad That It’s Taking People’s Breath Away


“F**k  The USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath To Being Former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied In Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)

Whistleblower Admits To Being Paid $45,000 To Stuff Ballot Boxes In 2020 Election

More Than DOUBLE Registered Voters Than Town Population – Pima County 2020 Election Integrity Hearing Provides Evidence Of Thousands Of Fraudulent Votes

Jovan Pulitzer Releases Video Describing 300,000 14th Amendment Violations In  Maricopa County


Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds ‘Widespread Election Fraud’ In 2020 Nursing Homes

HUGE: Wisconsin Election Hearing Reveals 119,283 “Active Voters” Who Have Been Registered For Over 100 Years! (VIDEO)

Wisconsin Hearing Emails Show Democrat Operatives Coordinating With City Election Officials

Over 23,000 Registered Voters Revealed To Have Same Phone Number And Over 4,000 With Same Date Of Registration Found In Wisconsin

Election In Wisconsin: 60,000 People Registered Whose Identities Didn’t Match Corresponding State Identification


Michigan Authorities Examine Voting Machine As Part Of 2020 Election Investigation

Michigan Election Official Charged With Ballot Tampering, Allegedly Stopped Votes From Being Counted

DETROIT: The Gateway Pundit And 100 Percent Fed Up Release Stunning Footage Of Woman Signing Multiple Ballots Before Dropping Them Into Absentee Ballot Dropbox [VIDEO]

TCF Timeline – The 2020 General Election In Detroit Report

Fighters Are Uncovering 2020 Election Ugliness In Michigan

Michigan Election Heist – 9 Eyewitness Videos


WATCH: Twitter Exec On Video Mocking ‘Aspergers’ Elon Musk

Two Authoritarian Leftist Killers Committed Mass Shootings This Week, Media Silent

TERROR: Networks Bury Firebombing of Pro-Life Group, Allow Just 77 Seconds

NBC “News” Finally Notices Hunter Biden “Took In $11 Million From 2013-2018—Including From Foreign Backed Sources

Gillibrand: We Need Social Media Oversight to Monitor ‘Domestic Extremist Terrorists’

Joy Behar Has Meltdown While Mocking Melania Trump On ‘The View’