Most Democrat Voters Are Brainwashed

Most Democrat voters are brainwashed by the same illegitimate & criminal US government that they think they resist. Those who know are Anti-American Communists who are trying to destroy the USA so they can remake it. But under Biden, the Democrat Party & the Washington GOP, who knowingly certified election fraud for China Joe, the system will be recreated by the same illegitimate politicians and Central Bankers.  Now imagine if legally elected, in a landslide twice,  Trump and the Patriots got to recreate the system based on the US Constitution.

The problem isn’t the US Constitution & America. America is a great idea. And the US Constitution is a great document that should be followed by politicians.  The problem is the ILLEGITIMATE politicians who run the system. They are cheaters and criminals. Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old for god’s sake, and she’s running again. She will die in that seat because she knows if she loses power, it’s time for prison. Pelosi the cheater has been in office since 1976. There is NO WAY she was reelected all those times. Look at her district. It’s a poor dump.  She’s an illegitimate politician and criminal who  will never give up her power willingly. Why don’t you retire Nancy? It’s because she knows she is a CRIMINAL & ELECTION THIEF just like ILLEGITIMATE JOE.

China Joe been in office for almost 50 years but democrat voters don’t know he’s a liar or criminal. That’s because they are brainwashed by the media and PUBLIC education system. They don’t do honest research. I bet they don’t even know how because they are so brainwashed. If it’s not taught in public education or reported on the corporate/liberal/public news then it must NOT be true. That’s enough for them. They trust the cheaters, liars & criminals. Maybe one day they will wake up.

The point is Trump won, and so did the GOP Congress. Democrats colluded with China, the Anti-American world, and Jorge Soros to steal the 2020 elections from US. Our National Security Agencies are just as illegitimate & criminal as the illegitimate politicians they serve. The US Government really is ILLEGITIMATE & CRIMINAL like the Democrats used to say. But now Dems voters sit quiet about illegitimate & criminal Joe and their CHEATING & LYING political party (D). Maybe I am giving them the benefit of the doubt  and they are all really criminals and communists who want World Communism run by the same illegitimate politicians and Central Bankers. Or maybe they are seriously brainwashed and ignorant.