Border Agent Tells CBS That This Is The Worst Immigration Crisis He Has Ever Seen


Yet Democrats tell US there is no crisis at the border. Maybe now that CBS finally reported this, Democrat voters will wake up. Because I have learned that Democrats REFUSE to listen to news from non-liberal sources. That is why they are so ignorant.

Daily Caller:

Customs and Border Protection agent Fernando Grijalva told CBS News this is the worst immigration crisis he’s ever witnessed in his entire career.

CBS evening news interviewed Grijalva in Arizona Thursday, after agents apprehended 180 migrants attempting to gain access to the U.S. He said the area has become a popular spot for illegal border crossings in recent months.

“I’ve seen six different presidents the time that I’ve been with the Border Patrol, and this is the worst crisis that I’ve seen,” he said.

Grijalva wasn’t afraid to highlight the severity of issue and doubled down when asked if it should be called a “crisis.” READ MORE

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