China Signals End To Dog Meat Consumption By Humans


Oh please, God, have this be true. But they need to not skin them alive for fur too.

China and parts of Asia barbeque, boil, torch, and skin an estimated 30 MILLION dogs and cats ALIVE per year for fur and meat. It’s become a sport. Men and women laugh and chat while watching dogs get boiled. And when they don’t die, they let them out of the pot and rip their fur off as the poor dogs run around in pain and confused. The hang them by their necks and knife off their fur too.  They put dogs on a large grill ALIVE and cook them. They tie dogs up and blow torch them ALIVE too. They also beat dogs and cats to death for what they think is “more tender” meat. And much more and worse!

They eat dogs, cats, and animals ALIVE. Dogs and cats carry many diseases, including strains of coronavirus. People in China and Asia are not only painfully killing, stealing, and abusing animals but they are eating diseased dogs and cats! And eating them ALIVE!

Anyone that defends this as cultural needs to do research. How China and parts of Asia treat ALL animals is inhumane, barbaric and uncivilized. China has NO nationwide animal protection laws so they can do whatever they want to dogs, cats, and other wildlife. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worse than you can imagine.

Dogs, cats, and animals cannot protest for animal rights protections so the world must fight for them.


The Guardian:

Draft policy released by agriculture ministry cites concern over animal welfare and prevention of disease transmission as factors behind move

The Chinese government has signalled an end to the human consumption of dogs, with the agriculture ministry today releasing a draft policy that would forbid canine meat.

Citing the “progress of human civilisation” as well as growing public concern over animal welfare and prevention of disease transmission from animals to humans, China’s Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs singled out canines as forbidden in a draft “white list” of animals allowed to be raised for meat.

The ministry called dogs a “special companion animal” and one not internationally recognised as livestock.

The city of Shenzhen recently approved the first ever mainland China ban on consumption of dog and cat meat, a move that has given hope to animal welfare groups worldwide that other parts of the country could soon follow suit. The new draft policy has provided even more.

“The signal is the first ever from a ministry that dogs are not food animals,” Paul Littlefair, international head of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told the Guardian. “[This] leaves the door open for local governments to follow Shenzhen’s lead.”READ MORE

Don’t forget to include cats!

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